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A winning partnership.

Exasol is a proud sponsor of the German Football Association for Euro 2020.

We’re passionate about winning, and that’s why we’ve developed sports analytics solutions to help organizations like the German Football Association get good performance data fast. Data that makes a difference from recruitment to revenue.

Analytics with Lothar Matthäus

Check out football legend Lothar Matthäus’ breakdown of key matches in this new tournament analytics series.


Lothar’s analytics for Euro 2020– Episode 1


Turning data into a competitive advantage

Learn how analytics experts use data to change the way football tournaments are managed, played, and watched.

Exasol Power Index: using data to uncover the European Championship favorites

Our CTO, Mathias Golombek, runs the numbers to see which nations have the strongest squads for EURO 2020 – according to the data.

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The data and technology science underpinning Germany’s bid for EURO 2020 glory

Inside the data lab aiming to make a difference on the pitch as Germany strives for a record-breaking fourth title.

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Hear from football data experts

Follow our DataXpresso podcast for interviews and the latest insights into data analytics in football.


See football analytics put to work

Use our dashboard to review detailed stats by match day, group, or even jersey supplier, all at unrivaled speed.

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Conversations with Peter Jackson 

Exasol’s Chief Data Officer, Peter Jackson, shares a few ways Exasol powers data insights for tournaments like Euro 2020.

Meet Peter Jackson

Join sports journalist Larry Burnel and Exasol CDO, Peter Jackson, as they discuss how predictive analytics can inform game-changing decisions.

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Substitutions and Resting Players

Learn how faster insights help coaches and trainers with load management and injury prevention.

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Goal Scoring

Find out how Exasol helps organizations create better in-game opportunities to score.

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Player Acquisition & Roster-Building

Discover how Exasol can help managers and scouts determine which players to keep, how much to pay them, and who to target as future prospects.

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