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We value and treat everyone who works with us with equal respect. And we owe our growth to the collective spirit and diverse backgrounds of our eclectic employees. Whatever your career goals, we’ll nurture your unique talents – and together we’ll do something amazing.

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Our mission

Accelerate insights from the world’s data.

Our vision

Be the analytics platform trusted by the world’s most ambitious organizations.

Our core values

Our aspiration is to create a company culture that reflects the 6 values we care about most. Here’s what we’re committing to:

Live Customer Centricity

We embody this value by dedication to understanding our internal and external customers deeply, anticipating their requirements, and continuously striving to exceed their expectations. We foster a culture where the customer’s voice is heard and integrated into decision-making processes, ensuring that all actions align with delivering exceptional value to our customers.

Build trust

We engage in active listening, communicate honestly, and demonstrate respect for each other. We evaluate ourselves honestly, even when it involves discomfort or embarrassment. We set high standards and continuously strive to maintain them. We recognize each other’s contributions and give merit when due.

Deliver results

We believe in setting clear objectives, executing with precision, and consistently producing meaningful results. This value reflects our dedication to not only meeting but exceeding expectations by aiming high to raise standards through effective planning, excellence in execution, and documentation to ensure sustainability.

Take ownership

We exhibit ownership mentality, prioritizing long-term objectives over short-term gains. We act in the best interests of the entire organization, transcending our own team’s boundaries. We are responsible, take initiative, accept new challenges and are resourceful in all aspects of our work. Be a “mini-CEO” of your desk and beyond.

Love to grow

We cultivate a mindset of continuous personal and business growth. We strive to be perpetual learners, dedicated to self-improvement and embracing a growth mindset. We stay curious about uncharted opportunities and take proactive steps to explore them.

Freedom to take different career paths

Life can take you down many different paths, and here at Exasol we give you the freedom and flexibility to develop your career in a way that works for you.

Take a look at some of the unique ways our employees got to where they are today.

Exasol does not charge candidates or clients for recruitment services. If you are contacted by a recruitment agency claiming to be working on behalf of Exasol and they ask you for payment, please be aware that this is a scam.

Exasol only sources candidates directly or through third-party recruitment agencies that are paid by Exasol. If you are interested in a position at Exasol, please visit our careers page or contact us directly.

Location, Location

Our global offices are full of incredible people from all over our planet. That means you’ll be able to make friends and learn from the best of our species. And if you’ve ever wondered what cake’s like in different countries, you’re in luck.

We also strive to create a working environment that is genuinely pleasant to be in. That means everything from morning yoga classes, a daily fix of free fruit, places to chill out and a chance to shoot the breeze over a game of table tennis.

What we're looking for

It doesn’t matter if you’re a marketing maverick, a data science savant, a charismatic sales visionary, you’re blessed with a no-nonsense business mind or you’re just a bag of youthful enthusiasm.

It’s simple – if you’re an enthusiastic, open-minded and innovation-hungry person who wants to help us push boundaries with our technology, we would love to hear from you

Choose your own adventure

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