Exasol Data Warehouse

Serious Speed. Serious Savings. Unleash the full potential of your data at the speed of now.


Unleash the full potential of your data

Free your data teams from long processing times and sluggish queries. Empower them with faster, deeper and cheaper insights with Exasol Data Warehouse.


No matter how large or complex your data sets, you can do more by unlocking analytics at the speed of now.


Empower more of your team with true data democratization for insights that go deeper.


Get over 300% ROI through lower infrastructure costs and stay in control with our fair licensing model.

Open, Flexible, Extensible Architecture

Exasol Data Warehouse excels when deployed on-premises, especially when replacing your inefficient legacy data warehouse or acting as your departmental data warehouse. But we’ve also ensured that it fits into any data environment and supports your journey to the cloud, too.

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Companies around the world use Exasol to transform their data strategy

See how some of the biggest brands are doing more with our modern data warehouse.

Learn how Arvato used Exasol Data Warehouse to optimise supply chain management and unlock new opportunities.

Learn how Medion used Exasol Data Warehouse to become a data-driven organization in record time.

Learn how Otto reported 50% savings as well as quicker analysis and reporting with its new Exasol architecture.

Learn how Fresenius Medical Care chose Exasol Data Warehouse to analyze massive amounts of sensitive data in under 2 minutes.

Supercharge Your Productivity

Exasol Data Warehouse offers up to 20x* faster processing than other analytics databases

*McKnight Consulting Group - ‘Cloud Analytics Database Performance Testing Product evaluation: Exasol, Snowflake, and another major cloud data warehouse’. Based on 15 concurrent users at 1TB.

In-memory architecture, powered by Massively Parallel Processing (MPP)

The fastest shared-nothing architecture for maximum performance and elastic scalability


Automatically creates indices, optimizes data caching of hot, warm, or cold data and parallelizes hardware usage for maximal concurrency.

Make ML actionable at scale

Build and run models directly in the database to scale ML in production without hours of data scrubbing

Manage Your Data the Way You Want

Your data. Your terms. No compromises.

Analyze data wherever it lives

Deploy in the cloud, SaaS, on-premises or hybrid - managed by your team or Exasol experts

Integration with your ecosytem

Support for all leading upstream and downstream tools allows you to maximize business intelligence investments

All languages are welcome

Support for all major database and data science languages directly in the database, including SQL, R, Python, Java, Lua

Deliver more without breaking the budget

Enjoy up to 80% improved performance for savings of up to seven figures

300%+ ROI

Through improved database performance, reduced licensing, implementation, maintenance and training costs

Unmatched price-performance ratio

Experience greater performance on less hardware infrastructure thanks to market-leading concurrency, fast in-memory processing and query compute distribution

No cost shock

Predictable but flexible pricing lets you serve your users confidently without unpleasant surprises during renewal

Our Security

Our comprehensive security features ensure your sensitive data is fully protected, no matter where it lives.

Data protection on row, column and table level

Role-based access control and fine-grained privileges

Authentication via LDAP, Kerberos/SSO

Data encryption for data in-motion or at rest

Dynamic masking via virtual schemas or salted hash functions

Full audit on every login and executed query with no performance impact

Identification of sensitive data via native Protegrity connector

Native integration with cloud security services on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform

Join some of Earth’s biggest brands and leave the competition behind with Exasol

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Flexible Deployment Options

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Dive into Exasol Data Warehouse instantly with our hassle-free SaaS option. It's your fastest, easiest route to turbocharged analytics.

Self-Tenant Cloud

Embrace flexibility and control with our self-tenant cloud option. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and set up your tailored experience.


Tailor Exasol Data Warehouse to your existing infrastructure with our on-premises solution. Contact us for a consultation and our experts will help you integrate and test it seamlessly.

Exasol Data Warehouse FAQs

  • What is Exasol Data Warehouse?
    Exasol Data Warehouse is our high-performance, on-premises, full-service data warehouse solution that replaces your existing legacy system or acts as the best choice for your first data warehouse project.
  • Where does Exasol Data Warehouse sit in my tech stack?
    Exasol Data Warehouse replaces your existing data warehouse and seamlessly integrates with your existing ETL tool and BI and AI applications. It lifts your administrative burden with its autotuning capabilities, making it the future-proof alternative to your existing legacy warehouse or the first choice for your greenfield data warehouse project. You can also evolve from Exasol Espresso to Exasol Data Warehouse as your needs grow and change.
  • How can I try Exasol Data Warehouse to see how it performs in my own tech stack and data? What do I need to use it?
    It’s simple - just get in touch to arrange a free demo and you can see it in action for yourself. Our team will guide you through each step and you’ll soon be able to see how Exasol Data Warehouse integrates seamlessly with your existing stack to deliver high-speed performance for vital insights.
  • What’s the best reason to use Exasol Data Warehouse?
    If your organization struggles with poor data warehouse performance or doesn’t yet have a data warehouse in place, Exasol Data Warehouse is right for you. Similarly, if you need to perform deep analysis on huge volumes of complex data and allow for large numbers of simultaneous users, including Data Scientists, BI Analysts, BI Engineers, Business Users, SQL Application Developers and Data Warehouse Engineers, Exasol Data Warehouse is the right choice.
  • How quickly can I start saving money and improving performance with Exasol Data Warehouse?
    Start saving by taking advantage of Exasol Data Warehouse’s unmatched price-performance ratio, with over 300% ROI and 80% improved performance resulting in savings of up to seven figures. Exasol Data Warehouse achieves this by offering greater performance on less hardware infrastructure thanks to its market-leading concurrency, fast in-memory processing and query compute distribution. Reduce your total cost of ownership, save time and money on tuning and maintenance and do away with cost shock with our predictable yet flexible pricing.
  • Is Exasol Data Warehouse available on-premises only?
    Exasol Data Warehouse excels at on-prem, but it can be deployed in the cloud, in SaaS, or hybrid.
  • How do we migrate to Exasol Data Warehouse if we already have one?
    We know that replacing your legacy data warehouse can be daunting. That’s why we offer several different ways to streamline your migration and make it as smooth as possible:
    • Easily transfer data directly from your existing system with an IMPORT command.
    • Use our open-source data migration scripts to automate schema transformation and data transfer.
    • Leverage virtual schema access to access data in your legacy system “on-the-fly”, without having to fully import it all.