Proof of Concept

A real test with real results

A proof of concept that helps you make the right decision

Deciding which new analytic database you are going to deploy is not just a technical decision; you need to ensure that the vendor you are choosing is one who will work with you and closely support you during the lifetime of your project.

The Exasol database offers you unrivalled flexibility so you can test it your way

  • On your own hardware in your own data center
  • In a cloud environment: Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure
  • On a hardware cluster in the Exasol data center (ExaCloud)
  • Using an Exasol Mobile Test Cluster (MTC) that you run on your own premises

It’s your test. Get real results

Choosing the right vendor is as important as choosing the right product. It is critical to plan your POC to test both product and vendor – and on data that represents your real workload.

  • Define the test scenarios, goals, timeframe and setup
  • Analyse the technical environment (SW, HW, processes, data model)
  • Deliver, implement, transfer data, test application, introduction
  • Test phase, support and milestones
  • Summarise, present results, next steps
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A proof of concept

After just 3 days, we had the system up and running, had loaded all of the data (14TB) and had completed all the tests. We even had time to load data into our production system. It was a thoroughly straightforward and enjoyable process!

Karl Griesser DBA, ARZ Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH

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