Stay ahead in financial services with data analytics

Set free the mountain of untapped potential with your data

Technology is transforming your sector. Your customers demand more from you than ever before. And ever tightening regulation brings its own challenges. But our analytics database helps you tap into the true potential of your data – giving you the clarity and insights you need to stay ahead.

Our database at a glance

Our analytics database is designed to give you the power, flexibility and scalability you need to get more value from your long-term data strategy in financial services.

Unrivalled performance

Unlock analytics as fast as you think – and get unrivalled performance, anywhere you have data.

Significantly reduced TCO

An intelligent, self-tuning and resource-efficient database – giving you complete cost predictability for your cloud, on-premises or hybrid strategy.


Unifying AI and BI

Consolidate AI, ML and BI for both standard and advanced analytics, directly in the database – using any data science language.


Complete freedom to adapt and change

There’s no platform, vendor or architecture lock-in.


Happier customers, better compliance and the freedom to innovate

See how our analytics database can give you unrivalled performance on-cloud, on-premises or with a hybrid approach – enabling you to better meet your customer’s needs and thrive in the competitive landscape of financial services.

Predict what your customers want faster and better than ever before

Whether you’re a longstanding brand looking for digital transformation, or you’re an innovative challenger bank, the key to success is the same – you need to provide your services in the most timely, simple and satisfying way possible. And no matter where you store your data, our analytics database helps you understand your varied customers better than ever before.

For instance, it supports any data science programming language (R, Python, Java, Lua, and much more). So, there’s no need to change your infrastructure. And the power and speed of the database enable you to better predict and detect customer trends.

Stay compliant in near real-time – and predict future trends

Our analytics database helps you mitigate risk by providing a means to collate and analyze large data volumes in near real-time. It acts as a high-performance data integration layer enabling you to extract data from all kinds of systems – flat files, databases, Hadoop or any kind of data source -so you get a holistic view on all your data and detect risk before it occurs.

Plus, you can predict future trends with an architecture for big data science that allows you to perform advanced analytical tasks on large volumes of data in an interactive fashion – right in the database.

Data volumes are exploding – but your stress levels won’t with our unrivalled performance

There has been an explosion of data volumes in financial services and it can be both costly and time consuming trying to stay on top of it all. We help by enabling you to integrate data silos in a centralized system with our data virtualization solution with virtual schemas, as well as a high-performance data integration framework. And, our innovative in-memory algorithms enable large amounts of data to be processed in the main memory for dramatically faster access times.

This means you can connect to and analyze data faster than ever before – and make decisions in real-time.

Unbeatable ROI – and no need for costly legacy system upgrades

You might be thinking this is all very well, but we’ve invested heavily in our legacy systems. The good news is you can easily use our data analytics database alongside your existing infrastructure (such as Oracle).This means you can keep your systems for day-to-day business – and use us when you require powerful data analytics, at speed. So, you will be able to regain agility, scalability, performance and flexibility with an unbeatable ROI.

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