From 6 hours to 21 minutes

The Gist

The challenge

With data volumes increasing to billions of lines and more employees demanding access, analysis took hours to complete, with queries often suddenly abandoned. The team had to manually create data packages and load them one after the other, pulling in data from multiple data warehouses. SBK needed a DataMigrator- and QlikView-compatible database to integrate data into reports for analysis, while complying with privacy regulations.

The solution

Exasol is SBK’s central data warehouse in a 5+1 cluster configuration. The insurer’s previous data warehouse migrated to Exasol within three hours.

“We’re looking for a high level of self-service. It doesn’t make sense if a controller can access the data but the person who actually needs it can’t.”

Franz-Joseph Becker-Thöne, Head of Finance


The benefits for SBK

Data queries delivered in 21 minutes down from 6+ hours

With automated processes and self-tuning, SBK employees spend more time with customers than on maintenance

10 BI experts and 15 employees from specialist divisions can run simultaneous queries without a dip in performance

Complex data sources are integrated quickly, with data consolidated into a single warehouse

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