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Use the unrivalled power of our high-performance in-memory analytics database to transform how your organization works with data, on-premises, in the cloud or both – and turn it into value faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before.

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Exasol achieved truly remarkable results in BARC’s the Data Management Survey 20 with 18 top rankings including:

BARC's Data Management Survey 20

4 ways we’ll help you take your strategy beyond data-driven

  • Unrivalled Performance

    Unlock analytics as fast as you think – and get unrivalled performance, anywhere you have


  • Significantly reduced TCO

    Complete cost predictability for your cloud, on-premises or hybrid strategy through our intelligent, self-tuning and resource-efficient database.

  • Unifying AI and BI

    Consolidate AI, ML and BI for both standard and advanced analytics, directly in the database – using any data science language.

  • Complete freedom to adapt and change

    No platform, vendor or architecture lock-in.

How do we deliver results for you?

The unique architecture design of our analytics database not only allows you to handle challenges today – it will adapt to the pressures of tomorrow as your data strategy evolves. Here are the key features that make that possible:

  • In-Memory algorithms allow for significantly faster access times
  • MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) means that queries can be answered significantly faster due to data being distributed across all of a cluster’s nodes
  • Columnar storage accelerates analytics performance by reducing the number of I/O operations and amount of data needed for processing in main memory
  • Self-tuning optimizes performance and minimize maintenance requirements
  • Plug-in capabilities such as virtualization capabilities allow you to connect to, and analyze data from, more sources than ever. Language extensions support the programming language of your choice and robust data security is assured, wherever you store your data.

Add value with your data – no matter where you are on your strategic journey

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Use our Community Edition commercially for free. You’ll get full access to all features and be able to work with up to 200GB of raw data on a single server.

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Exasol One

Fixed price, single node solution

Manage up to 1TB of data on a single node. Standard support. Access to all features. Cost effective and flexible: 1,999€/month, no minimum term

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Unlimited scalability – with enterprise support

  • Get unlimited scalability with an enterprise cluster
  • Use on cloud, on-premises or with a hybrid deployment
  • Enterprise grade support
  • Advanced data integration and data virtualization framework
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Exasol's analytics database proved impressive. Primarily due to an excellent price-performance ratio: low costs coupled with exceptional performance and integration with Hadoop.

Andreas Bonet Product Owner at OTTO

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