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You deserve (and can afford) in-memory speed.

Unlock creativity with crazy fast analytics.

In-memory, columnar architecture

The proven design for high performance analytics

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Massively Parallel Processing (MPP)

Shared-nothing architecture for the best performance analytics and concurrency

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Data science models in database

Build and run models directly in the database to make AI & ML mainstream

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Cluster configuration

Manage the most efficient configuration of storage and compute resources

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Ease of Use

Spend time on data, not the database.

Self-tuning technology, support, and security to lower your TCO.

Auto query tuning

Automatically creates query indicies and manages hot and cold data

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Maximum extensibility

Virtual schemas and UDFs let you bring in more data quickly from wherever it lives

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Row and column-level security

Role-based security and data encryption to protect users and sensitive data

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Best enterprise support

Exasol support is consistenly ranked as the best in the industry by user surveys

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Ready to roll.

Use what you have and avoid vendor lock-in.

You choose the deployment destination

Deployment as a Service, in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid to meet your organization’s unique needs and preferred vendors

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Integration with your ecosytem

Support for all leading upstream and downstream tools allows you to maximize business intelligence investments

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Predictable pricing

Predictable, flexible pricing lets you serve your users confidently without unpleasant surprises at renewal time

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All languages are welcome

Support for all major database and data science languages directly in the database, including SQL, R, Python, Java, Lua

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Architecture that is open, flexible, and extensible

Exasol fits into any data environment, so you can get started right away.

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Curious how we fit in?

BI Acceleration

Zalando added Exasol to get more from its data warehouse

With several clusters and 7TB in-memory, this e-Commerce fashion company gets up-to-date info on products for efficient repeat orders and restocks without replacing their data warehouse.

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We looked for a database that could be integrated into our data warehouse as an analytic layer...[with] good price-performance ratio [without] a lot of administration overhead.

Eric von Czapiewski, Head of Business Intelligence

Modern Data Warehouse

XING swapped its legacy data warehouse for Exasol

Smart, in-memory query processing allowed this social networking company to boost performance, processing 10B data sets a year.

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[Q]ueries that were previously unthinkable are now possible.

Dr. Ulrich Fricke, Data Warehouse Lead

Unify Enterprise BI

Piedmont Healthcare puts Exasol at the center of all of its analytics needs

A single data repository and speed engine to accelerate critical analytics, delivering improved patient outcome and bottom line.

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By placing Exasol at the beating heart of our analytics we have seen significant improvements, not only to the organization’s bottom line, but to the satisfaction and safe delivery of our services to patients...

Mark Jackson, Head of Business Intelligence

Companies around the world use Exasol to transform their data strategy

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