Visual Analytics

What good is data if you can’t see it, can’t identify patterns, trends, outliers and changes over time? 

Enhance and maximize your data analysis capabilities by using visual analytics, powered by Exasol.

In today’s Information Age, data is gathered at an increasingly faster rate and can, at times, overwhelm our ability to analyze it. Visual analytics makes data visible. Exploring your data in a visual way through charts helps you identify patterns, trends and outliers more easily than looking at a large table of numbers.

While traditional approaches to data analysis relied heavily on spreadsheets, macros and static charts, modern analytical tools enable users to explore their data interactively and with advanced visualization capabilities. Organizations of all sizes and from all industries are embracing this new approach to data analysis in an effort to become truly data-driven.

Exasol’s visual analytics hub gives you, ideas, and examples, interactive live demos, access to hosted data sets, and extensive written, video and audio content to help you with your data analysis challenges. Whether you want to address storage issues or performance problems, educate your users or inspire them to break out of their comfort zone, you will find resources here to help you make the most of your data as well as the talent and skill in your organization.



Public hosted data sets for analysis in Exasol and visualizations created by our experts and the community.

Makeover Monday

The popular social data project that helps you improve your analysis and visualization skills.

Exasol for You

Solution brochures and use cases to understand how Exasol can transform analytics in your organisation.


Whitepapers, webinars, blogs, and best practices when using Exasol to support visual analytics.


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Dataviz is your home for large, public data sets, hosted by Exasol. Hundreds of millions of records from Chicago Taxis to Ozone Data to the Zillow Home Value Index: there are insights and stories just waiting to be uncovered.

We host the data and you can use it to work with massive data sets powered by our database so nothing gets in the way and you can focus on the emerging stories.

Makeover Monday

Improving the way we visualize and analyze data – one chart at a time

#MakeoverMonday offers inspiration and a giant dose of perspective for those who communicate data. Originally a small project in the data visualization community, #MakeoverMonday features a weekly chart or graph and a dataset that community members reimagine in order to make it more effective.

The results have been astounding; hundreds of people have contributed thousands of makeovers, perfectly illustrating the highly variable nature of data visualization. Different takes on the same data show a wide variation of theme, focus, content, and design, with side-by-side comparisons throwing more- and less-effective techniques into sharp relief.

Makeover Monday, the social data project, is run by Exasol’s Head of BI and Tableau Zen Master, Eva Murray, and the Data School’s Head Coach and Tableau Zen Master, Andy Kriebel.  Exasol with its hosted public data sets has featured a number of times as a data source, to give participants the opportunity to  work with very large datasets and a live connection in the visualization tool of their choice.

Andy Kriebel

Eva Murray

If you are interested in improving your analysis and visualization skills with fresh weekly data sets and want to learn from an enthusiastic community of data people, you can find all the information at

If you want to join the other participants and build visualizations on top of Exasol, it’s easy to get started with our public hosted data sets.

Exasol for You


Gain a better understanding of how Exasol can transform and enhance your organization’s analytical capabilities with our library of resources ranging from customer success stories to technical content and best practice recommendations.

Case Studies

Explore the stories of customers who successfully transformed the way their data analytics with Exasol to achieve tangible results that improved their business.

Piedmont Healthcare: Fast data analytics that fights infections – using Exasol to analyze, visualize and make sense of 555bn data points fast.

Saving lives and curbing illness rates – Piedmont Healthcare, health provider and manager of 8 hospitals in the Atlanta metro area, analyzes its own data as well as information from some 30 public data sources in order to localize and minimize infection rates.

Kreditech: A technology platform that enables banking based on algorithms and big data scoring

Kreditech offers tailor-made financial products and services to consumers who do not have a credit score. To enable a fast decision-making process based on an applicant’s behavior online, Kreditech has built its innovative solution using Exasol and Tableau Software.

Solution Brochures & White Papers

Discover how Exasol’s technology changes the way people interact with data sets, delivers a platform for big data analytics.


See the of Exasol in these webinars featuring live demos presented by partners and customers.

Analyzing global discussions with Exasol, Alteryx and the Twitter API

A small team of data experts collaborated to collect, analyze and visualize Twitter data from the UN General Assembly. In this webinar we will take you through the data collection, preparation, transformation and loading process and show a live demo of the Alteryx workflow that was used.

Visualizing global discussions with Exasol, Tableau and the Twitter API

Following the data collection and transformation processes described in the previous webinar, phase 2 of our project was to visualize the data around the global Twitter discussions surrounding the UN General Assembly. Join us for a walkthrough of the process, the connections to the data, the analysis and visualization approach and a demo of the dashboard.

Turning Big Data into Insights

Join Andy Kriebel as he provides you with a step-by-step approach to analyzing big data. Andy will interrogate 724 million UK prescriptions in Exasol to identify insights and show you how to focus the analysis to tell a compelling story. Sign up and get answers to your questions during this webinar and learn how you can use publicly hosted data sets for your own analyses.

Visualizing Big Data

Learn about analyzing and visualizing big data in Tableau. Hear tips & tricks, see examples and ask your burning questions during this live webinar. We will give you a live demo on how to connect Tableau to Exasol’s dataviz environment where you can explore large public datasets.

Success Story: Exasol helps Piedmont Healthcare’s Infection Control

Piedmont is a not-for-profit healthcare provider consisting of 8 hospitals and 1674 beds based around the Atlanta Metro area.
In 2016 alone they served over 2 million patients, with plans to increase its footprint further in 2018 with the addition of 3 more hospitals to the network.

Articles on Data Visualization

Read more on how data analysis and visualization is crucial for the success of data-driven organizations across industries and locations who want to truly understand their customers, processes, suppliers and product lifecycle.

Exasol at the Tableau Conference 2015 in Vegas

At the Tableau Conference 2015, you’ll see how easy it is to analyze and visualize billions of rows of data in just seconds with Exasol! Not when it comes to speeding up your Tableau visualizations! Exasol is coming to Tableau Conference 2015 to show you just how easy...

read more

Accelerating BI and data visualizations like never before

Tableau Turbo is designed to act as an acceleration layer in order to make your data visualizations in Tableau just fly. BI front-end tools are only as good as the underlying data. One of things that always strikes me as odd when I talk to users of BI front-end tools...

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Piedmont Healthcare

Presentation of Mark Jackson, Director of BI at Piedmont Healthcare: “Analyzing and visualizing 40 billion data points: How Piedmont Healthcare implemented EXASOL to scale Tableau and deliver granular insights to front-line staff


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Tableau Conference Europe 2019

Exasol will be present in Berlin at Tableau Conference Europe 2019, where we will demonstrate how we can help push the boundaries of visual analytics. 

Tableau Conference 2019

Exasol will be present in Vegas at Tableau Conference 2019. See first hand how Exasol and Tableau work together efficiently to enhance your business insights and create stunning visualizations. 

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