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International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Women of Exasol

Today is International Women’s Day – a global event dedicated to recognizing the achievements of women across the globe and a call for a gender equal world that’s free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is #InspireInclusion, so we are celebrating the amazing women that form part of the driving force behind Exasol, as we continue to work towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world where difference is valued and celebrated. Read on to meet four Exasolians sharing their stories and experiences.

Brigitte Steinbauer

Hi, my name is Brigitte. I’m the Head of Legal/General Counsel for Exasol, based in Nuremberg and I’ve been part of Exasol’s legal team for three years now. My team and I provide expert legal guidance on all business-related legal matters and we’re passionate about the wide range of topics, which is always exciting.

I’m continuously challenged with exciting projects that allow me to take on responsibility and expand my skills. I feel like my work at Exasol really matters and my contribution to the company’s success is significant.

If I were to give some advice to my younger self, I’d say “make sure you stay current with your knowledge and understanding of the foreign languages you’ve learnt to avoid losing your language skills again. That would really be a pity! As you get older, it becomes – without consistent practice – increasingly difficult to keep up the level you attained earlier in life. The pro tip is to travel!”

Personally, I find inspiration in the endless possibilities for growth and learning and I’m inspired by challenges as well. Whether it’s overcoming obstacles in my own life or witnessing others achieve their goals against the odds, I find motivation in the determination and resilience that people show every day. Learning from these experiences and seeing the impact of hard work and perseverance inspires me to stay committed to work for my goals.

Emily Taylor

My name is Emily Taylor, I am based in the UK and part of the marketing team at Exasol as Head of Acquisition and Engagement. I’ve been in B2B marketing for over 13 years and my role in Exasol is to oversee, develop and implement strategies to attract new customers and retain existing ones, using different marketing channels and tactics.

At home, I’m surrounded by my friends and family who are my absolute rocks in life, and not to forget my dog Obi – who takes up a lot of my spare time! I’m passionate about keeping up a healthy lifestyle, continually educating myself on fitness practices, (and new recipes with the right foods!), to achieve my wellness goals.

The most exciting part of my job is working with a variety of people on a variety of activities. No day is ever the same as the next. I enjoy continuously learning and growing both professionally and personally, and I thrive in an environment that challenges me every day.

If I were to give my younger self some advice, it would be:

  • Have confidence in your abilities
  • Find a mentor early on
  • Establish boundaries to achieve a good work-life balance
  • Challenge bias and thinking patterns…and always ask questions!

My inspiration comes from various stages across my life/career. Most notable are my manager and CMO from my previous job, Ruth Oakey and Cat Dutton, who gave me the management style that I aspire to today. They embodied strength, integrity and leadership whilst prioritizing team progression and achieving company goals. I’m also continuously inspired by my mentor, Neil Berry who is also my trusted friend, who gives me practical advice and guidance helping me navigate my challenges and goals with clarity.

And finally, the individuals here at Exasol are my newest inspiration. Despite the male-dominated nature of the industry, I’ve never once felt different or devalued because of my gender. We’ve had our challenges as a company, but the people of Exasol are kind, inclusive and motivated to succeed. Their acceptance and respect for all colleagues create a sense of belonging and empowerment, allowing you to fully contribute and thrive in your role.

Marie Wedlin

My name is Marie Wedlin, and while I’ll always be Swedish to the core, I’ve called the UK home for decades. I have over 15 years’ experience in software sales and here at Exasol, I work in our Sales team as an account executive for the UK market. This means I’m the main point of contact for our UK clients as well as for anyone exploring using Exasol.

As a Account Executive, my job is quite varied. You get to interact with many different personas and teams, both on client side and across Exasol, from upper management to legal and procurement and technical teams. I love deep-diving into a client’s business issues and working out how our technology can help them achieve their goals.

The most exciting part of my job, apart from working with amazingly clever people, is the pace of change. You must always adapt and learn because the market continues to evolve and with that the challenges your clients are facing. Sales in itself is also undergoing rapid transformation from technology.

 My advice to my younger self would be “Don’t worry about appearing smart – ask more questions! Ignore perfection – just aim to fail fast, dust yourself off and go again!” And as for inspiration, I try to take inspiration from everyone I interact with. When you work with people and technology, there are ideas to harness in almost every conversation. I have also been fortunate enough to work with amazing people along the way, such as former leaders, colleagues and clients.

Working in a male-dominated industry helps you build incredibly strong relationships with other women, but also with men. Sales is a team sport after all, so I spend time keeping in touch with my network, bouncing ideas and supporting each other.

Denise Lubaway

At Exasol, my role is to focus on sales by generating revenue from customers in the financial services and healthcare industries.

I never imagined that sales would become my lifelong career. In fact, I was terrified of selling when the opportunity was presented to me. It was the belief of one person (not me!) that propelled me into giving it a try, but since then, I’ve never looked back. It’s been an amazing adventure that has moved me to Los Angeles, Chicago, and NYC where I’ve met loads of interesting people and closed many deals of all shapes and sizes.

The most exciting part about my job is engaging with people to understand how I can help them. Providing solutions energizes me, piques my curiosity, and sparks my creativity. That, coupled with being in the data and analytics space at this point in time where BI and AI are joining at a pivotal cross section. There are many unknowns and endless possibilities so I’m excited to be on the fringe of this frontier.

My advice to my younger self would be to remember that courage and confidence are not the same. Early in my career, my success was based on pure fearlessness (and the guidance of many great mentors). It’s only been in recent years that I shed my “Imposter Syndrome” complex and got comfortable in my own skin. Courage and confidence are a powerful combination!

My Inspiration is Joy. To witness another person’s joy is a privilege – one that we don’t look for often enough. Nor does one take enough time to recognize it in themselves. Seeing another’s face light up, to feel their energy in their moment of joy, fuels my heart with an exuberance that brightens the world I touch.

Lastly, I can’t think of a better way to honor International Women’s Day than with a picture of my mom and me. She is my best friend, and together we can figure out any problem either of us have…or laugh a lot while trying to figure it out!