Better retail analytics means happier customers

The future of data analytics in retail 

Things move fast in retail – whether that’s the ever-evolving behaviour of your customers or the breakneck pace of technological change. But here at Exasol we think there is a fantastic opportunity for you to do more for your customers by turning your retail data into insightful analytics.

We’ll show how our database can help you really know what makes your customers tick – and truly equip you for the future of retail.

How data analytics will help you thrive in retail

Find out how Exasol can help you adapt to the changing demands of your customers and transform your data into true analytics.

Get a snapshot of how we can help you by watching our video here

Four ways our analytics database can help improve your customer experience and stay competitive

Unrivalled performance

Unlock analytics as fast as you think – and get unrivalled performance, anywhere you have data.

Significantly reduced TCO

An intelligent, self-tuning and resource-efficient database – giving you complete cost predictability for your cloud, on-premises or hybrid strategy.

Unifying AI and BI

Consolidate AI, ML and BI for both standard and advanced analytics, directly in the database – using any data science language.

Complete freedom to adapt and change

There’s no platform, vendor or architecture lock-in.

Moving retail to data analytics

And for a more in-depth look on the latest trends in retail and practical ways to future-proof your organisation with our database, download the whitepaper “Data analytics – the smart move in retail”.

Create the ultimate shopping experience - real-time analytics in retail

Watch our webinar where Adam Roach, Consulting Manager at Javelin and Sam Sibley, Account Manager at Exasol explain how you can use real-time analytics to create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers.

See what the innovators are doing in retail – and how you can join them

Take a look at our latest insights in retail for real life examples of how organisations like yours are using our database to breath new life into how they do business.

Zalando – taking stock the intelligent way

Zalando is using our database to better manage their ordering process and stock levels. With much faster and up-to-date data, they can be much more responsive to spikes in demand and ensure the products they stock always match their customers needs.

Big ideas in short reads

We’re always curious to uncover new ways to help you do more with data in retail. Take a look at our latest blogs – anything from thought leadership and help guides to features on the next big thing in your industry.

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