In-Memory Database

What is in-memory technology?

In-memory refers to using a computer’s random access memory (RAM) as opposed to its hard disk drives or flash memory storage. RAM is magnitudes faster than a hard disk drive and therefore software that can run in-memory without having wait to load data from disk can run many times faster that software relying on disk.

Running in-memory means it’s incredibly fast, and when you are trying to analyze large data volumes, in-memory is the way to go.

At a fundamental level, RAM is made up of bits of storage, each bit can be stored using two NOR logic gates wired together and referred to as a “set/reset latch” or “flip-flop” circuit. This type of storage is referred to as volatile as the memory requires power to retain its contents.

Considering implementing an in-memory database?

Download your copy of our white paper “Five Things to Consider While Looking For An In-Memory Analytic Database” and get more info about what your organisation should examine before making the switch!

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Three Reasons to Use Exasol’s In-Memory Database

Areas of Application

Take advantage of Exasol’s in-memory database to enhance your business intelligence, data warehousing, data mining, big data analytics, web analytics and cloud computing operations.


Exasol has achieved speeds up to 100 times faster than traditional databases by making the most of its in-memory technology by utilising intelligent and innovative compression algorithms, combined with a massively parallel data processing architecture.

Stress-free Integration

Experience easy integration thanks to standard interfaces, a self-learning and self-optimizing system, faster data imports through higher loading speeds, and partnerships with major hardware and software companies.

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Flexible Deployment

Benefit from our select choice of platforms, including using our in-memory database software on-premise or in the cloud. The choice is yours!


Exasol’s in-memory database is employed by many companies spread around various industries, including finance, banking, insurance, media, retail, healthcare, and more. 


With our in-memory database, you can experience a low total cost of ownership with one of the best cost/performance ratios for an easy-to-manage solution! 

Strengthen Your Knowledge With Our Resources

In-memory databases let you do so much more with your data than traditional databases. No longer are you forced to limit the amount of users that can interact with data or put up with grindingly-slow response times to the most basic of questions. With in-memory databases, it’s goodbye to slow queries and hello to super-fast answers and, as a results, fantastic satisfaction levels.


For the Tech Guru

Gain a greater, in-depth technical understanding of how Exasol’s in-memory database can act as an swift, effective and cost-efficient solution for your organisation’s needs.


For the Business Mogul

Want to enable lightning-quick data analytics to satisfy the needs of your customers? Discover why Exasol’s flagship product is the right solution to move your business forward.


For the Financially Curious

Facilitating accelerated data analytics does not have to be costly. Integrating an in-memory database into your business operations can enable cost-effective and real time data processing. 

Give our in-memory database a go.

Our community edition is completely free of charge, for commercial and private purposes! 

  • Up to 1TB of raw data
  • All features
  • Community support
  • Available as VM (.ova) or ISO image

How Does Exasol’s In-Memory Database Work?

Not only is Exasol the world’s fastest database according to TPC-H Benchmarks, its standard SQL interfaces also means avoiding the trap of NoSQL skilling shortages and easy compatibility with pre-existing applications and data structures. Exasol is ideally suited for real-time big data reporting, analysis, and advanced analytics.

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