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5 Things to Consider While Looking For An In-Memory Analytic Database

When searching for a new in-memory analytic database system or types of database in general, it can be overwhelming to sift through the options if you don’t follow a defined process. Search engines throw up all manner of results and independent analysts have their picklists, too. And yet whatever the result, one thing still holds true: Loading...in-memory databases let you do so much more with your data than traditional databases.

No longer are you forced to limit the amount of users that can interact with data or put up with grindingly-slow response times to the most basic of questions. With in-memory databases, it’s goodbye to slow queries and hello to super-fast answers and, as a results, fantastic satisfaction levels.

Before you get started, it’s key that you identify the business applications that need to benefit from performance in order to provide a better service, better products and/or optimize operations. From then on, it is vital that you clearly specify the criteria needed in a database and define a complete set of benchmark requirements. Knowing this information upfront is imperative before evaluating the offerings various vendors have out there.

Once the criteria are set, you should also establish a solid team who will conduct the research. And that team should include representatives from different business units.

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