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Visual analytics enables you to quickly identify patterns, trends and outliers in your data by bringing it to life with eye-catching charts and dashboards – which helps your business stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Data analytics – and why it’s leaving BI for dust

Data analytics go way beyond traditional BI by giving you far greater predictive decision-making power – and by enabling you to take the next step towards automation or artificial intelligence in the workplace.

Grow your retail business with data analytics

With changing consumer behaviour, things move fast in retail, it is critical to adapt to the changing demands of your customers and transform your data into true analytics – with the only database built for the future.

Get data analytics gold from your cloud strategy

There’s nothing new about putting data in the cloud. But our data analytics platform gives you complete flexibility to have a hybrid cloud strategy – as you’ll be free to switch between cloud and on-premises.

Happier customers, better compliance and the freedom to innovate

We have the world’s fastest data analytics platform, designed to give you the power, flexibility and scalability you need to get more value from your long-term data strategy in financial services.

What next after Netezza?

We know that every vendor is probably telling you to use their data warehouse now that Netezza is coming to an end. That’s why we want the unrivalled performance and flexibility of our analytics database to speak for itself.

Broaden Your Knowledge of In-Memory Databases

Why should you take advantage of an In-Memory Analytic Database? Dive deeper in the topic and find out what factors should be examined before making this switch.

Help your team do more with your data

Get a competitive edge in sports with your data. We are giving you a powerful and scalable platform for it.. we can’t guarantee you trophies, but help you reach your full potential.

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What makes a data analyst?

Today’s businesses rely heavily on customer, product, process, input and market data. They increasingly need talented, skilled people who can extract information and insights from the data. But what skills are employers looking for? In data analytics, there are some...

Controlling space in football

Controlling space in football – data modelling with our analytics database, and visual analysis in Tableau Football isn’t just about controlling the ball – in fact a player only has contact with the ball for an average of two minutes per game – it’s...

Our tech blog

If you’re stumped about schemas, perplexed about Python, or simply want no-nonsense technical advice to optimize your data analytics platform, this is the place for you.  Each week our team of tech writers will be grappling with all the burning issues around data analytics and finding practical solutions– so you don’t have to.

No line left behind — log level vs. code coverage in Java

In a previous blog we discussed the impact switch cases can have on code coverage in Java tests. Today, we’re looking at the relationship of log level versus code coverage. Saving resources with level-aware log message creation If you’re using loggers that...

What is Exasol’s cluster architecture?

This article gives a detailed overview of the Exasol cluster architecture. Exasol cluster nodes: hardware Our clusters are built with commodity Intel servers without particularly expensive components. SAS hard drives and Ethernet cards are sufficient. There’s no need...

How to use Exasol’s Automatic Table Reorganization

One of Exasol’s key features is the low maintenance effort when compared to many other database systems. Automatic Table Reorganization is one example: Exasol offers CREATE OR REPLACE TABLE and the DELETE_PERCENTAGE is zero after the table is created. The...

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