A mission that matters

We are passionate about helping companies to run their businesses smarter and drive profit by analyzing data and information at unprecedented speeds. We develop the world‘s fastest database for analytics and data warehousing.

Who are we?

Exasol is made up of a team of passionate, forward‐thinking technologists and thought leaders who are driven by one thing: empowering clients and our community with the tools and information they need to think bigger, work smarter and innovate fearlessly.

Whether using our lightning‐fast, self‐tuning, in‐memory database to help our customers drive profits by analyzing data at unprecedented speeds or offering unrestricted access to our experts who are committed to helping every customer get the most out of our product, we disrupt by working tirelessly to bring new developments to life while challenging old ways of thinking.


What are our beliefs?

More than just a product provider, we are a community dedicated to supporting the unique values, visions and data pains of each and every existing and potential client who turns to us.

Trust and transparency are at the foundation of our business and we are proud that our database is the choice amongst some of the most respected global companies currently using Data to think bigger and create products and services that work to change the world.


Exasol Community Edition

What do we strive for?

Our clients have shared their appreciation for our product, expertise, support and the extensive research showcasing how to leverage hardware platforms.

This is what drives our CEO, Aaron Auld to wake up and think of ways to be better, every single day. We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining an innovative, valuable and accessible product with unprecedented support and now, we want to provide more.


What can we offer you?

It is for this reason that we have created a number of platforms where we will be initiating and joining conversations and challenging the status quo. Through our new online platform, upcoming events, podcasts, videos and other new vehicles, we aim to provide members of the Exasol community with intelligent editorial, How‐to’s, thought‐provoking one‐on‐one conversations, and panel discussions that touch on the latest movements, developments, and releases in Tech. We want to show you things you’ve never seen before and tell you things you have not heard.

We are the team who created the world’s fastest in‐memory analytic database. Now we want to use it to meet your specific needs. Let us know what they are.

Our values

We are leaders in our field, a technically focused business with a forward thinking approach. Our aim is to create a trusted and leading business solution to reliably analyze data at super fast speed, ultimately powering business performance.


We have a real passion for business, always offering better solutions.

We want to make business better. To simplify and speed up decision making processes.


Our performance and speed drive productivity and efficiency.

We work hard to achieve more everyday. We enjoy pushing the boundaries and setting clear goals.

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We’re an intelligent, technically focused business with a forward-thinking approach.

We are leaders not followers, always with a mindset to challenge convention.


We’re always upbeat, personal, warm and often informal.

We always want to wow the customer, to go further than expected.

Exasol was the only database provider from whom sufficiently short response times could be expected for the given data volumes within the project budget and this confirmed in a proof of concept. Our evaluation times for standard analyses could in part be reduced from several days to just a few hours a month.

Gerhard Zapf Group Leader IT Applications, SEMIKRON international