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The World’s Fastest In-Memory Analytic Database

The company’s flagship product, Exasol, is a high-performance, in-memory, MPP database designed specifically for analytics.

Introduction to the fastest in-memory database.

Exasol’s fast in-memory database set a performance record in the TPC-H benchmark for clustered, decision support databases, and extended these performance and price/performance records over the years.

Exasol remains in the number one position for all volumes of data, from 100GB right up to 100TB. Supported from Exasol offices in Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States and with partners across Europe, Israel and Japan, hundreds of organisations are improving their business operational efficiencies and/or delivering excellent customer service using Exasol.

Exasol customers span many market sectors including Digital Media, Retail, Communications, Financial Services, Manufacturing and Research. Designed from the ground up, using state-of-the-art software techniques and principles, Exasol runs on low cost, commodity x86 hardware; scales from 10’s GBs to 100’s TBs data; is quick to implement and delivers extreme performance, without cost and complexity.

As a data warehouse and analytics engine, either standalone or integrated with Hadoop, Exasol’s In-Memory Database is being used in a wide range of Big Data use cases, including accelerating standard reporting, running multi-user ad-hoc analytics, and performing complex modelling using predictive in-database analytics.

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