Free Business White Paper: The World’s Fastest Analytic Database

Learn how your business can benefit from the world's fastest analytic database.

Improve your knowledge of deep-dive analytics. Exasol offers fast data analytics solutions and thrives in accelerating standard reporting, running multi-user ad-hoc analytics, and performing complex modelling using predictive in-database analytics.

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What Is Exasol?

Exasol was founded with a single purpose – to engineer the world’s fastest database for analytics, with no limits on data volumes.

What Are The Database's Key Features?

The company’s flagship product, is a high-performance, in-memory, MPP database designed specifically for fast data analytics.

Setting Performance Standards

Exasol set a new performance record in the TPC-H benchmark for clustered, decision support databases. Find out how and why Exasol has set the bar for fast data analytics!

White Paper Summary: The World’s Fastest Analytic Database

Whether you need to accelerate your BI and reporting, run predictive analytics, open up business intelligence and analytics to a large numbers of users or deliver a big data analytics solution to your business, Exasol is the platform that enables you to do this quickly, easily and cost effectively.

This technical whitepaper explaines why Exasol outperformed all other databases in the 2014 TPC-H benchmark tests. Discover how you can be successful with deep dive analytics by registering for this free business white paper!