Free Webinar: Data Vault Modeling with Exasol

03 Oct 2017 | Share

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Learn the basic concepts of Data Vault Modeling and how Data Vault Modeling enables agile development cycles.

High performance and agile data warehousing.

Difficulty incorporating different data sources into your current analytics database? Would you like an agile development environment? Or perhaps you are using a Data Vault for data modeling and are facing performance issues?

If so, watch the recording of our webinar entitled “Data Vault Modeling with Exasol: High Performance and Agile Data Warehousing.”

Three key takeaways from this Webinar

Interested in data vault modeling? Learn the basic concepts of Data Vault modeling and how it enables agile development cycles. Register now and watch the recording!

Live Demo

You will be presented with a demonstration that will transform TPC-H benchmark results into an informative Data Vault model.

What Will Be Taught?

Learn to transform an analytics database model (third normal form) into a Data Vault model and correspondingly load and query stored data into a Data Vault.

Time Well Spent

From our free one hour seminar, you will have gained enough knowledge to be able to fulfill your company’s elementary needs for data warehousing.