sensalytics Success Story

03 Oct 2017 | Share

Success Story sensalytics

Using fast analytics and insights to boost retail sales

Web analytics tools are one of the must-haves for companies that want to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.These tools can tell you where visitors come from, the time they spend on each page or which search engines they used.

If these services could be offered to non-online businesses too, they would provide enormous benefits; companies would be able to improve process flows, increase sales incrementally and evaluate marketing campaigns more efficiently.

The start-up company sensalytics saw this as a business idea that had potential.

Takeaways from this Case Study

The Challenge

Maintenance costs for the new database system had to be as low as possible (without the need to build aggregates)

Wanted to perform retrospective analytical calculations in order to get more flexibility

Needed to work at the raw data level

The Solution

Offer an efficient start-up methodology

Opportunity to use the in-memory database as a service

Great technical support

Proven Benefits

Customer behavior analyzed in detail

Sensor data captured and presented in real time

Sales activity across all channels is analyzed

Scalable, high-performance database management system

Marketing campaigns are evaluated more efficiently