The Little Green Book of Exasol

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For organizations that rely on fast data analytics in business-critical operations, in-memory databases offer a distinct advantage over traditional databases.

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Our Vision, Mission And Solutions

Learn about who we are, how we started and most importantly what we stand for.

The Features, Benefits And Use Cases

Find out why you should choose to work with Exasol and how you could enhance your company’s performance with our database solutions!

Customer Experience

Discover which companies are using Exasol and how they are winning with the services we offer!

Little Green Book of Exasol: Summary

The Little Green Book of Exasol tells you everything you need to know about Exasol: our company, our data analytics solutions, and how you can benefit working with us.

This isn’t just your typical whitepaper PDF – its detail and scope and meant we could only do its content justice by printing it and presenting it in physical form. This means it’s an actual booklet. Call us old fashioned, but some things are better experienced by turning the pages with your hands than rather than scrolling with a mouse.

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