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If you’re stumped about schemas, perplexed about Python, or simply want no-nonsense technical advice to optimize your data analytics platform, this is the place for you. Each week our team of tech writers will be grappling with all the burning issues around data analytics and finding practical solutions– so you don’t have to.

How to get distribution right in our analytics database

Our analytics database uses a clustered shared-nothing architecture with many sophisticated internal mechanisms delivering outstanding performance. All without the need for much admin. But getting the distribution of rows between cluster nodes right is one of the few...

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How does Exasol analytics database stack up against Oracle

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, how can a guy from Exasol really give an impartial opinion on Oracle’s database? But I’m not here to sell you anything and I definitely don’t work in marketing. What follows is simply my personal experience and opinion as someone...

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Controlling space in football

Controlling space in football – data modelling with our analytics database, and visual analysis in Tableau Football isn’t just about controlling the ball – in fact a player only has contact with the ball for an average of two minutes per game – it’s...

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Migrating from Netezza

Migrating from Netezza: an SQL Script to help you import data from Netezza into Exasol’s analytics database Whether you’re planning to migrate away from Netezza and are exploring different migration paths or you’ve already decided to migrate data across to us, we’ve...

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How to use DbVisualizer with Oracle, PostgreSQL and Exasol

As a database developer or administrator, it’s unlikely that you’ll work with only one platform. It’s quite useful to have one single tool to handle multiple different database platforms –that’s the ambition of DbVisualizer. Let’s assume you’re a database...

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Playing in the Champions League of Sports Analytics

If you’re looking to build a system for sports analytics, think about Exasol’s analytics database. With its great performance and analytical capabilities an Exasol database can easily handle huge volumes of event and tracking data. But as my last blog explained,...

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Automatic indexes in Exasol

An Exasol database will automatically create, maintain and drop indexes, following the core idea to deliver great performance without requiring much administrative efforts. Like Exasol’s tables, the indexes are always compressed and users don’t need to configure...

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Building clusters in the sky – Exasol Cloud Wizard

In modern day cloud architectures, one of the main priorities for any team is making the configuration and installation as simple and straight forward as possible. The Exasol Cloud Wizard addresses this demand. The Exasol Cloud Wizard is currently available for Amazon...

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Next level unit-testing with JUnit5

In our Java-based Open Source repositories we at Exasol use JUnit as our testing framework. Like most organizations we used JUnit4 for a long time. But for all new projects we have switched to JUnit5. We’re also migrating existing tests in established projects...

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Don’t let Python slither out of your control

Don’t let Python slither out of your control – how to load data science languages in and out of our relational database A recent study of different job listings revealed which data science skills are most in demand for data scientists. It was no surprise that over 70%...

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