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A comparison of in-memory databases by an end-user

25 Nov 2016 | Share

Tnkoff Bank

The ultimate comparison of in-memory databases done by the end-users

They say that the customer is the ultimate benchmark; no matter how much a vendor touts its offering, the proof in the proverbial pudding lies always with the end-user. And in the realm of database management systems, while there are independently-audited benchmarks available for end-users to consult (such as TPC-H), it is always reassuring to see end-users run their own tests and not just on one or two different systems, but on a whole array of solutions.

Such was the case recently in Russia with the data warehouse team at Tinkoff Bank (Тинькофф Банк) who took it upon themselves to put various in-memory analytic database systems through their paces and then publish their findings for all of us to see. What was interesting was also the use of various comic illustrations to symbolize the strengths, and in some cases weaknesses, of the databases that were tested.

The original blog in Russian can be read here.

Read the English translation.

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