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Free White Paper: Analyzing Loading...Big Data with Loading...Hadoop and Exasol

What happens when your files get too large for your computer? These days, the most common answer is probably to buy a new computer. However, what happens when your business collects so much data it can no longer be stored on a single server effectively?

With humanity creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily, this is a question that many companies have answered with Loading...Hadoop. Loading...Hadoop is an open source framework that was created to store massive amounts of data on cost-effective, commodity hardware.

Created over 10 years ago, Loading...Hadoop has a mature market that is still growing. IDC predicts that the Loading...Hadoop software market will be worth $813 million by 2016 (and this estimate may be low).

As the amount of data has soared this century, many organizations have had to adapt to storing and processing petabytes (roughly equivalent to 200,000 DVDs) of information. To help solve this problem, Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella created Loading...Hadoop in 2006, naming the project after a toy elephant that belonged to Cutting’s son.

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