Get accurate insights and real value

with V7 of our analytics database

Version 7.0 of our analytics database is designed to help you find business-critical answers at speed – and take your team beyond data-driven. Improvements to performance, flexibility and data science capabilities will allow you to move as fast as the world changes around you.

Help your teams become data driven – with faster insights, at scale

Run analytics on larger volumes of data to get a complete picture and find business-critical answers.

Do it at speed, so you don’t miss important business opportunities.

Transform your employees into a data-driven team with an infrastructure that helps everyone extract more value from your insights.

Three ways we’ve improved your performance, flexibility and data science capabilities

Better performance in Data Vault – helping you become more agile

Keep your organization agile – and manage the growing volume, complexity and distribution of your data better than ever before in Data Vault.

You can now use:

  • Hash Data Types – improving query performance in Data Vault by combining insights from multiple tables and schemas.
  • Global Join Optimization – improve performance
  • Data Vault – Faster Partitioning – meeting the demand to get insights in real or near-real time by enabling you to import data faster than ever before.

More flexibility to deal with structured/semi-structured data

Bring all your data together in a 360 degree view for deeper, more accurate and more precise analytics insights – natively supporting both structured and semi-structured formats such as JSON, with everything in your existing data environment.

This means:

  • Documents can be processed in the database much faster than before.
  • You’ll have more flexibility to work with data sources that produce JSON files as outputs.
  • You’ll save time preparing data for analysis by being able to quickly and easily transform your semi-structured data from JSON files into structured data in Exasol .

Deep learning becomes a reality with the introduction of GPUs

AI and ML is essential for your ability to drive innovation and to stay competitive. To help you with your data science strategy, we now support GPUs (Graphics Processing Units).


  • You’ll boost performance when processing massive data volumes in advanced analytical models.
  • You’ll be able to put deep learning into practice by processing the high volumes of data needed to make it a success.
  • Build, train and improve models faster than ever before – and make iterations in quicker succession.
Peter Kioko

“As an Exasol XPert, I had early access to the alpha version of V7, so I had the opportunity to play around with it a little bit. I ran Grant Street Group’s test suite against it and everything passed. I gave it a thumbs-up. We are excited about this release, because the JSON feature will replace some of the custom JSON UDFs I built myself, which will make life a little easier. We are also planning on using the hash data type in the near future.”

Peter Kioko Software Developer at Grant Street Group

Want to learn more about V7?

Find out more detail about all of the new features included in Version 7.0, what’s changed and how that will help you, in this paper.

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Version 7.0

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