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Make the right decisions, faster

Get unrivalled performance with every BI tool

Are your analytics and reporting tools keeping up with your evolving needs? Do they enable everyone in your organization to work with data, run complex analyses and deliver business-critical insights day in, day out? Are you limited to working with aggregated data?

If data latency prevents you from producing timely insights for decision-making, you’ll find it difficult to maximize the ROI of your analytics investment. By using our analytics database, you can accelerate your BI reporting to:

Get unrivalled analytics performance across your BI stack

Reduce the TCO and complexity of your data infrastructure

Democratize data across your organization

Three simple steps to better BI

Whether you need an acceleration layer, a data mart or a truly performant data warehouse, you can use us to future-proof your analytics environment in three key ways.

Acceleration layer

Acceleration layer – speed things up

What are the benefits?

  • Simple add-on to boost performance for your BI tools without changing your architecture
  • Instant response times so you can stay in the flow of data analysis
  • Overcome the limitations of data extracts and optimize the contribution of each tool in your stack
  • Flexible deployment on-premises, in the cloud or as part of a hybrid approach
In-memory data mart

In-memory data mart – roll it out to more people

What are the benefits?

  • Minimal administration required thanks to tuning-free technology
  • Reduce TCO while achieving unrivalled performance
  • Incorporate sophisticated data governance and security
  • Manage a high concurrency of users without limits
  • Flexible deployment on-premises, in the cloud or as part of a hybrid approach
Future-proof your whole Data Warehouse

Future-proof your whole data warehouse – make performant data the core of everything you do

What are the benefits?

  • Enable truly data-driven decision making through in-memory BI and data science
  • Democratize data across your entire organization
  • Ad-hoc access to raw data instead of aggregated data marts
  • Significantly reduce TCO for enterprise-wide data analytics
  • A DWH that can scale as you grow with complete cost predictability
  • Flexible deployment on-premises, in the cloud or as part of a hybrid approach

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How to get the best analytics performance from any BI tool

Download our guide to see how you can maximize the analytics performance of your BI tools in your data stack.

By making Exasol’s the beating heart of our analytics we’ve seen significant improvements, not only to the organization’s bottom line, but to the satisfaction and safe delivery of our services to patients.

Mark Jackson Director of BI at Piedmont Healthcare
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Modernize your data warehouse

Boost the performance of your existing data warehouse immediately – and make it as scalable and resilient as possible over time.

Four ways we’ll help you add value with your data

Take a deep dive into our analytics database and see for yourself how it works – adding real value to your organization’s data strategy.

Operationalize data science

Run advanced analytics directly in your database – using any data science language, enabling you to operationalize AI and Machine Learning (ML)