Ranked 1st by TPC-H benchmark for performance

The world’s fastest analytics database, for 13 years running

TPC-H Benchmark

What’s a TPC-H benchmark – and why does it matter?

The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) is a non-profit that creates unbiased tests to determine how the same database runs on different hardware. To-date, there have been over 220 recorded TPC-H benchmarks on a range of hardware and at various scale factors up to 100TB.

The benchmark’s design was to simulate a set of basic scenarios to answer fundamental business questions and report business outcomes relevant to many industry sectors

Ranks 1st since 2008

Exasol’s analytics database is ranked 1st for performance & price/performance

Exasol 7.1 yet again broke the record established by Exasol 6.2 back in 2019. Our speed, scalability, and price/performance have dominated the TPC-H benchmarks since 2008. The latest benchmark (2021) was completed with three database sizes: 10TB, 30TB, and 100TB.
  • Exasol’s price/performance results are:
  • 10TB: $68.79 kQphH*
  • 30TB: $84.95 kQphH
  • 100TB: $178.9 kQphH

* $/kQphH is a new unit of measure for price/performance introduced by TPC in February, 2021 along with the new TPC-H revision 3. It measures dollars spent per thousand Composite Queries per Hour using the TPC H standard. It better accommodates the results of high performing databases like Exasol.

Exasol 7.1 continues to outpace its nearest competitors by a sizeable margin.

With Exasol you can run more queries for every dollar you spend

This means that for every dollar you spend with Exasol on a 30TB database (for example) you can run
  • 11.8 Composite TPC-H queries
As you can see, our closest competitors don’t really come close.
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Exasol is over 6 times more cost efficient than any other database.

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