Exasol Architecture

How we fit in

Data Sources

Goodbye, data silos

Bring connected, trusted data to your users without increasing IT burden.

It’s your call on deployment

It’s your call on deployment

Keep the ETL tools that work for you

Load data from any data lake, any data warehouse, or stream via Kafka or Spark.

Supports all data types and formats

JSON, Geospatial, full-text search, relational, key-value, time series.

Access data anywhere with virtual schemas

Access external data sources in Exasol through regular SQL commands using Exasol's Virtual Schemas function.

Virtual Schemas let you use your data where it lives

Access scattered data sources

Virtual Schemas make it easy to connect to all of your data sources.

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No ETL process necessary

Virtual Schemas create a read-only link and run SQL to pull data from the source in real time, no ETL process required.

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On-the-fly insights

Virtual Schemas create an abstraction layer to connect to any data sources, in or outside Exasol.

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The only database built exclusively for analytics

We built Exasol to help data teams do more with data, and spend less time managing and waiting.

Blazingly fast

In-memory processing, columnar storage, and MPP based on a shared nothing architecture for faster query response


Intelligent query optimizer incorporating system statistics and metadata to ensure highest performance


Scale horizontally and vertically to handle more data and power demanding tasks, or to separate and scale different workloads independently.


Custom and open-source connectors allow you to do more with what you have.

Support your language of choice for building data science model

Native support for Python, R, Java, and Lua via Exasol's User Defined Function (UDF) capability

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Build and run data science models directly in the database

Run your data science model on an in-memory, MPP engine for umatched speed to insights

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Analytics Applications

Your BI tools — just faster.

Bring real-time insights to your dashboards.

Accelerate the dashboards you already have and get more users at your organization tapped into data.

Deliver on the real-time promise.

Enable ad-hoc and real-time queries, allowing faster time to action.

Democratize data science

With models run directly in the database, you can make insights accessible within user dashboards.

Unify analytics: BI+AI+ML

Exasol’s extreme performance underpins all your analytics, fostering a data-driven culture for the organization

Keep what's working for you

Maximum extensibility

Virtual schemas and UDFs let you bring in more data quickly from wherever it lives

Row and column-level security

Role-based security and data encryption to protect users and sensitive data

Best enterprise support

Exasol support is consistently ranked as the best in the industry by user surveys

Trusted by leading global brands

Bumble added Exasol as an acceleration layer

The social network uses Exasol to manage 100M+ user AB test intersections in seconds.

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Otto swapped its legacy data warehouse for Exasol

The e-commerce retailer replaced its data warehouse at half the cost

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Piedmont Healthcare puts Exasol at the center of all of its analytics needs

A single data repository and speed engine to accelerate critical analytics, delivering improved patient outcome and bottom line.

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