Architecture built to evolve with your strategy

Keep your options open with our future-proof architecture

Your data landscape may be perfectly suited for your immediate data challenges but will it help you in the future? With our unique database architecture, we give you unrivalled analytics performance to take the pressure off your challenges now – but also enable you to go the distance as your data strategy evolves.

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Exasol Architecture 2019

Introducing the five key components of our architecture

  • In-Memory

    Exasol is the only analytics database that has in-memory processing ingrained in its core architecture

  • MPP

    Our analytics database was developed as a parallel system based on a shared nothing architecture. Data is distributed across all nodes in a cluster enabling you to answer queries significantly faster

  • Columnar Storage

    Reduces the number of I/O operations and amount of data needed for processing in main memory

  • Self-tuning

    Intelligent algorithms monitor usage and perform self-tuning tasks automatically, allowing you to forget about technology complexities and constraints

  • Plug-in Capabilities

    • Virtualization – Virtual schemas and our high-performance data integration framework means you can connect to and analyze data from more sources than ever before
    • Language extensions – Support for R, Python, Java & Lua and an ability to integrate the analytics programming language of your choice – to use it for in-database, advanced analytics
    • Security – Robust data security you can rely on, wherever you store your data – with row or column level security, and data encryption for sensitive information and key users

Virtual schemas – how we’re future-proofed to work with any data tools you want

Virtual Schemas are a convenient way to use our analytics database with access to external data sources. We already support more than a dozen different data management technologies, from various relational databases and Hadoop distributions to NoSQL systems technologies. Working together with our vibrant user community, additional adapters are constantly being published in our open source repository, to integrate more technologies.  

Our virtual schemas are an abstraction layer that makes external data sources accessible in our analytics database through regular SQL commands. The beauty is that you can provide your users transparent access to various data sources (and silos) without any complexities.

More On Virtual Schemas

How you can use our plug-ins to do more with your data

Our architecture supports starting small – and grows with your data. Through the plug-ins, you can use your data in any way you wish, now and in the future – whether that’s for:

  1. Data loading – loading data from lakes, streaming imports through Kafka, connecting to and loading data from any or all other data warehouses
  2. Running data science right in the database – and supporting any language
  3. Multi-platform data integration and virtualization – through an open integration framework
  4. Complete deployment flexibility – whether on-premises, on cloud or with a hybrid approach
  5. Linear scalability – to extend the system by adding more nodes (with no lock-in) and scale out capability

Peek under the hood – see how we're designed for your future


From day one we’ve put our collective passion and energy into designing a single product which works as well today as it always has.  The pure design of our analytics database gives you the power to transform how you work with data, on cloud, on-premises or as part of a hybrid deployment – and turn it into value faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before.

Get an overview of our database’s architecture – and see how it will transform how your organization works with data.

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