Web Analytics

What is Web Analytics? 

Web Analytics is the measurement, compilation, analysis and reporting of web data, such as analyzing web server logs and monitoring website visitor behaviour (click analytics). It is used as a tool for business and market research as well as assessing and improving the effectiveness of a website.

Why use Web Analytics?

It helps you analyze how your websites are performing and how customers and visitors interact with them.

Latest Web Analytics Insights

The “end-to-end journey” of retail customers provides opportunities for high-quality data collection at every touch points of the stages. Utilize your data to identify, anticipate, and execute on market and customer opportunities.

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Exasol’s fast in-memory database set a performance record in the TPC-H benchmark for clustered, decision support databases, and extended these performance and price/performance records over the years.

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Exasol makes big data analytics easy and helps you gain valuable insights to drive your business forward. Utilize a cost-effective, easily-implemented solution that allows your team to regain agility and focus on their actual business.

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