In-Database Analytics

What is In-Database Analytics? 

In-database analytics is where data processing is performed within a database. So the analytic logic is built into a database instead of in a separate application.

Why use In-Database Analytics?

The main advantages of in-database analytics include parallel processing, scalability, analytic optimization and partitioning. Plus, it removes the overhead of moving large data sets to analytic applications

Latest In-Database Analytics Insights

Considering purchasing costly hardware updates to replace your old, slow system? By leveraging new technologies as in-memory databases, a cost-efficient option is presented to step ahead of your competition.

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Introducing the fastest in-memory database. Exasol utilizes state-of-the-art software techniques and principles, is quick to implement and delivers extreme performance, without high costs and complexity.

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Say goodbye to slow queries with a new in-memory database. But how should you pick the most suitable one? Read about the five things you should consider for your search.

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