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Have a look back at Xperience 2018

We hope that you had an exhilarating time at Exasol Xperience 2018 in Berlin! This year’s event was packed with interesting presentations, coupled with informative sponsor stands and networking opportunities.



If you are interested in taking a look back at what you have learned at Xperience 2018, feel free to go through the engaging presentations we had.


Carina Seidel

Enterprise Dashboards, Data Discovery, Big Data, Advanced Analytics: What is the Common Denominator?

Jamil Qureshi

Changing your perspective and optimizing performance – Dealing with change

Magnus Slind-Näslund

One of the leading video destination platforms in the world is building the best “go-to” experience where users can get their daily dose of must-see videos.

Sammy Landström & Erik Eklund

SvenskaSpel’s journey to self-service success with Exasol in the Hadoop-jungle.

Steve Templeton

Exasol to the Rescue! Accelerating Arby’s Analytics – We Have the Meats!

Marian Plum

Alexa, Chatbots & Augmented Reality – Implementation of innovative applications based on MicroStrategy + Exasol.

Ed Deane

Get to know your Data  – Data Discovery and GDPR with Exasol.

Mathias Brink & André Dörr

Harness the power of Exasol To Beat The Bookie.

Daniel Olsberg & Till Sander

Data Vault that powers Data Science and Data Governance: One-Stop-Shopping with BI in a box.

Seth Cochrane

How you can fight gender inequality with data analytics to eradicate the Worst Thing You’ve Never Heard Of.

Tobias Lies

Pairing Exasol with TM1 in the banking sector to accelerate analytics.

Karl Griesser, Francesco Mucio & Thomas Bestfleisch

3 new SQL front-end tools in 30 minutes.

Jonathan Drummery

Journey to data insights that improve health and saves lives: 4 principles to guide.

Borut Rozac

Testing 5 real life cases across 1bn records: Running the perfect POCs at Telekom Slovenije to discover new business areas of growth.

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