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As your data grows in volume and complexity, it’s essential that your ability to turn insights into business value isn’t held back by your technology stack. By using our analytics database with Tableau, you can stay in in the decision-making flow with unhindered and unlimited performance, at the speed of thought.

How our analytics database will help power your visual analytics in Tableau

 No need for extracts, freeing up time and resources

Use a live connection to the database to ensure Tableau handles all your data at the speed of thought

Benefit from flexible integration options to bring your data analysts, data engineers and data scientists together on a single platform

Choose between on-premises, cloud or hybrid deployments

Use self-tuning and self-optimizing capabilities to improve cost predictability.

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Tableau & Exasol: Better Together

As organizations embark on their data journey, they come across different challenges which they can address with the right methodologies and solutions.

In this e-book, we focus on a number of concepts, which form a solution that addresses an organization’s requirements for data analytics, actionable insights, and scalable and compliant systems to drive outcomes and business success.

Read this whitepaper to find the answers

“Exasol and Tableau simplify our business operations considerably, and the fast analytics we can now do have already translated into a positive return on investment; we can run ad-hoc reports at any time as well as easily create powerful visualizations and dashboards for management and marketing teams using Tableau.”

Sebastian Ranzinger former Head of Business Intelligence at Kreditech

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