Use Case

Real-time BI

Transforming The Way You Interact With Data

When it comes to Business intelligence, getting the right insights out of your data and steering your business in a data-driven way is essential. By providing the most powerful data platform, Exasol enables you to merge and manage all your data at one single place. Equally useful is the fact the database allows you to this without any need to work on aggregated, limited data or to constrain access to a small user group. Relax and allow us to revolutionize the way you are working with data.

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White Paper: The World's Fastest Analytics Database


Real Time BI Collaboration

Unleash your data for interactive Business Intelligence at large scale

Your challenge

  • You can’t seem to run reports fast enough to steer your business in a data-driven way with operational, prescriptive BI.
  • Equally concerning is the fact that your teams are struggling with slow-loading BI dashboards and Data that is not updated frequently enough.
  • We understand.

The Exasol Solution

  • Gain access to an analytic engine that powers your front-end tools to accelerate reporting and visualizations and make interactive ad hoc reporting the standard.
  • Allow Exasol to give you the ability to access data sets yourself without IT assistance or complicated scripting.
  • Use our in-memory performance and hybrid storage to make near-real-time data processing possible.

Your Benefits

  • Interact with your data in a new, innovative and dynamic way.
  • Increase the number of BI users who are able to access data to gain critical business insights.
  • Use outstanding scalability that allows you to go beyond simple data marts and extracts to access all of your data.

Free White Paper: The World's Fastest Analytic Database

We chose Exasol because it reduces the administration work and remains extremely powerful even when dealing with complex requests – this makes it perfect for our requirements. The high-performance database provides us with the most optimal flexibility in the long term.

Sven Zurnieden, Head of Database Services, media control