Use Case

Data Warehousing

Chances are that you already have invested time and resources in a data warehouse for your business. Yet, you cannot seem to get the answers you need to your business questions. With Exasol, you can continue to use your system for day-to-day business. Simply run your analytics in Exasol’s fast, in-memory analytic database. With minimal investment and risk, you get your problems solved and can migrate more and more processes into Exasol until it becomes the very heart of your data warehouse.

Download our free business white paper that covers how Amazon Redshift stacks up against Exasol on AWS (which is offered over the Amazon AWS Marketplace): 

White Paper: Amazon Redshift and Exasol – Choosing the Best AWS Data Warehouse

Choosing the best AWS Data Warehouse

Empower Your Data Warehouse To Become Powerful and Agile

Your Challenge

  • Your data warehouse is not scaling anymore and the limitations on data latency, data volumes, user sessions and analytical complexity are slowing you down.
  • Your DBAs are failing to keep the system in its state and new projects are hard to implement.
  • As a result, your stakeholders frustrated about query performance, inflexibility and being slowed down.
  • We can offer immediate support.

The Exasol Solution

  • Use our lightning-fast, in-memory database to lift your DWH into a high-performance league.
  • Exasol offers clients RDBMS that scales to hundreds of TB, thousands of users and the most complex number-crunching applications.
  • Gain access to our market-proven technology which has been certified for all standard tools and supports dozens of global brands and data-driven organizations.
  • Enjoy Exasol your way, either as your central DWH or alongside your data warehouse as acceleration layer.

Your Benefits

  • Sidestep the need to rip and replace your existing solution – simply continue to use your current database technology and complement it with Exasol for that added layer of speed.
  • Exasol will show you immediate benefits by offloading your most painful applications.
  • Gradually replace your current DWH until all data warehousing tasks and use cases are powered by Exasol.
  • Use our self-tuning technology to release all of your current constraints without any need for constant system tweaking.

White Paper: Amazon Redshift and Exasol

By implementing the in-memory database, Zalando can now benefit from a higher degree of flexibility. Exasol offers a clear performance advantage, too.

Eric von Czapiewski, Head of Business Intelligence, Zalando SE