Data Architect

The data world has an ever-increasing complexity and heterogeneity, which is why we have designed the Exasol RDBMS to bring back simplicity into your architecture.

Easily integrated and easy to operate and scale, our super-fast platform supports your growing data volumes and analytic challenges with ease.

We know that a mature, standardized SQL-database ensures compatibility with BI and ETL tools. Through parallel-executed data science languages and powerful data integration capabilities, our advanced analytic features are based on open-source frameworks. This ensures maximum transparency, flexibility, and extensibility.

Use Exasol as a simple BI acceleration tool, Hadoop access layer and/or powerful operational analytics engine up to enterprise-wide data warehouses. Whatever your choice, we are certain that you’ll find it to be fast, scalable and reliable every time.

Use Cases

Exasol has solved problems for us that were previously deemed too difficult. The investment has rapidly paid off and delivered value to our business queries in a fraction of the time it took previously.

Andy Done, Data Platform Lead, King