Chief Data Officers are more important than data

As without your expertise organizations won’t be able to build data-driven strategies

Make strategic data-driven decisions, better than ever before

As data experts you play a vital role in shaping the future strategic direction of your organization. That’s why we enable you to access data from anywhere you need – and transform it into long-term business value, more effectively than ever before.

Make the right decisions, faster

Discover, wrangle and visualize data at unprecedented speed – on any BI platform.

Data science where you need it most

Consolidate AI and ML for advanced analytics on large volumes of data – right in the database.

Build in more resilience and scalability

Make your data warehouse scalable and resilient by integrating us into your existing ecosystem.

How your data expertise as a CDO could make you a future business leader

Data is any organization’s most valuable asset. This is supported by more than three-quarters of IT directors across the U.K., US and Germany. And you as a Chief Data Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, or data professional you have a key role in turning it into long-term, future business value.

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“We think it is vital to implement a smart data strategy – not to keep up with new players, but to look beyond what they are doing and innovate in order to increase market share.”

Peter Jackson  – Director, Group Data Sciences at Legal & General

Your guide to becoming truly data-driven with unrivalled data analytics performance

This whitepaper addresses three common challenges when trying to put data at the heart of your strategy and gives you a taste of how we can help you solve them – from business-critical data applications to advanced analytics and digital transformation.

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