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– System acceleration
– Advanced technologies
– Enterprise-scale analytics

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Microstrategy Acceleration

Experience Business Intelligence faster than ever before

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Analytics on Big Data

Unite and analyse data from various sources. Let the numbers do the talking.

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Real-time BI

Agile data vault modeling for fast results

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Data Warehousing

Unite and analyze data from various sources. And let the numbers do the talking.

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In-Database Analytics

Use Exasol to collate and analyze large data volumes in as near to real time as possible to get insights to drive your business forward.

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Fast Hadoop Access

Exasol as performance layer for your Hadoop data lake and power your applications with hot data in just second.

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Tableau Turbo Enterprise

Tableau Turbo Enterprise is the most powerful engine to bring your data to life – fast.

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Oracle Acceleration

Three complimentary tools for data processing, wrangling, analysis and visualizations

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Microsoft SSAS Acceleration

The high-performance engine for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

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Internet of things

When it comes to analyzing such data flows, Exasol has the technology to handle and analyze large-scale streaming data – now.

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Data Vault

With Exasol take advantage of the potential of data vault modeling to gain agility and flexibility.

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