Choose your own adventure

Take a look at our latest vacancies and choose your own Exasol adventure.

Choose your own adventure

Take a look at our latest vacancies and choose your own Exasol adventure.

Join the Exasol family

and together we’ll do something amazing

We value and treat everyone who works with us with equal respect. And we owe our growth to the collective spirit and diverse backgrounds of our eclectic employees. Whatever your career goals, we’ll nurture your unique talents – and together we’ll do something amazing.

Our mission

Our company was born out of our shared passion of innovation and the ideal of inclusiveness. It’s why we strive to create the best analytics database on the planet. And it’s how we’ve grown and nurtured our company into a beautifully diverse family of incredible talent – where we respect and value everyone’s ideas and enthusiasm.

That’s why we encourage each other to push boundaries and build rewarding careers. It’s also why we think it’s important to balance all the hard work we do in our professional lives with the freedom to unwind and explore the world around us.

Our core values

Underpinning all the passion and ideals we think are important are our core values. Don’t worry we won’t ask you to memorize them – we just thought it would make it easy to give you a bit of context.




Meet the people behind Exasol

Real people in the world of real data… with a secret.

Get a snapshot of what it’s like to work here with funny, insightful and unique interviews with our employees.

Freedom to take different career paths

Life can take you down many different paths, and here at Exasol we give you the freedom and flexibility to develop your career in a way that works for you.

Take a look at some of the unique ways our employees got to where they are today.

Location, location

Our global offices are full of incredible people from all over our planet. That means you’ll be able to make friends and learn from the best of our species. And if you’ve ever wondered what cake’s like in different countries, you’re in luck.

We also strive to create a working environment that is genuinely pleasant to be in. That means everything from morning yoga classes, a daily fix of free fruit, places to chill out and a chance to shoot the breeze over a game of table tennis.

What we’re looking for

It doesn’t matter if you’re a marketing maverick, a data science savant, a charismatic sales visionary, you’re blessed with a no-nonsense business mind or you’re just a bag of youthful enthusiasm.

It’s simple – if you’re an enthusiastic, open-minded and innovation-hungry person who wants to help us push boundaries with our technology, we would love to hear from you.

Choose your own adventure

If you’ve been inspired by what you’ve seen so far, take a look at our latest vacancies and choose your own Exasol adventure.