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How companies can get started with analytics and turn big data into big value

In today’s data-driven economy, payments are not only made in cash at commercial banks, but also through in the exchange of personal data with search engine giants. Banks and search engines alike diligently convert and process transactions, whether in the form of cash or data, and turn them into valuable assets.

Many are all too aware of the fact that data resides everywhere and that it’s the insights you can glean from data that are more important; it’s no longer a case of who has the most data, but rather who can do the most with that data.

In this whitepaper you will learn about:

  • The importance of deriving insights through analytics.
  • How people who are new to analytics can get started.
  • Best practice applications with regards to data analytics.

Data is not big, it is just getting bigger

Our hyperconnected world is generating data at an ever increasing rate; every day we collectively produce 2.5 billion gigabytes of data. Moreover, the global volume of data in today’s digital world is expected to multiply by at least another 40 times by the year 2020, much of which will consist of unstructured data.

Formerly, the majority of data was structured and organized in database tables. Yet, as the world has gone digital with the emergence of the Internet, almost all information has been translated into strings of ones and zeros, ready to be stored, processed, evaluated and analyzed.

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