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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?

15 Oct 2015 | Share

Not when it comes to speeding up your Tableau visualizations!

EXASOL is coming to the Tableau Conference to show you just how easy it is to make the most out of your existing Tableau investment. We understand that Tableau is designed to help you see and understand your data quickly, but if you can’t interact with your data easily and fast due to the poor performance delivered by your back-end database, it doesn’t matter how good the front-end visualization tool promises to be. That’s why we developed the Tableau Turbo by EXASOL.

Accelerating Tableau data visualizations like never before.

The Tableau Turbo by EXASOL is the plug-and-play turbo for Tableau visualizations. It sits alongside an organization’s existing database, data mart or data warehouse, acts as an acceleration layer and dramatically speeds up BI, reporting and data visualizations.

Available in three configurations (100GB, 500GB and 2TB), the Tableau Turbo by EXASOL supercharges Tableau, allowing you to analyze huge data volumes in real time, and therefore focus on your business, not on fixing performance issues.

At our stand 623, we will be showcasing the Tableau Turbo by EXASOL at the forthcoming Tableau worldwide conference in Las Vegas from 19-23 October. You’ll see how easy it is to analyze and visualize billions of rows of data in just seconds. In fact, you’ll soon learn how you can take your use of Tableau to a whole new level and get a much faster insight into your data – and all this through just a simple few clicks and drag-and-drop actions in Tableau.

MPP. ACID. Memory accelerated. Commodity hardware. Affordable.

The Tableau Turbo by EXASOL is powered by EXASOL’s in-memory analytic database, which delivers the most powerful engine for Tableau, helping it bring data to life within the shortest of timescales. It supercharges Tableau, letting organizations analyse huge data volumes in real time, which allows them to focus on their business, not on fixing performance issues. How? Because the database has all the right attributes to make your visualizations fly!

Ask us about the new Tableau Turbo promotion that starts at just $12,000: