1 BI strategy - 20x faster


The challenge

To ensure quality for its customers, Aravato’s business units needed access to a custom BI-reporting tool tailored to each industry. But Arvato lacked a universal BI standard — and decentralized teams were unable to take advantage of data. The goal became to migrate all legacy BI solutions into one platform, while ensuring that the BI solution could scale to accommodate the different business units’ requirements.

The solution

Arvato deploys a cluster system consisting of 2+1 test servers and 8+1 development servers averaging 10TB of data volume. Datasets are extracted with Microsoft SSIS with ADO. NET. SAP Business Objects is the BI front-end. It was critical to Arvato that Exasol migrate all existing data models from Oracle and MS SQL over to the new platform.

“The database allows us to manage the heterogeneous aspects of our business units much more efficiently.”

Dr. Jan Bolz, Director IT Business Intelligence, Arvato SCM Solutions

Der Nutzen

Benefits for Arvato

20x faster queries

Table joins are executed in real time, even on large data volumes

Transformation processes are run in a virtual analytics layer instead of an ETL process

With self-tuning, Arvato developers can focus on programming instead of maintenance

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