80-100x faster analysis on game design

Case Study

Wooga is a mobile game developer based in Berlin, best known for its popular breakout games Diamond Dash and Jelly Splash. With 50 million active players a month, Wooga uses its access to large volumes of data to improve games and increase revenue.

The Facts

On Premises

The Gist

The challenge

With revenue generated through optional in-game purchases, sustaining a player’s interest is critical. Wooga’s business model and developers rely on sophisticated user-behavior analysis to keep players coming back. Each development team works with its own data containers and analysts – which means multiple teams need to be able to submit queries simultaneously without dips in performance or query speed.

The solution

Wooga implemented Exasol to analyze and store accumulated game data. Exasol allows Wooga’s teams to run multiple queries at once, independent of a central controlling department.

“Using Exasol has accelerated our analysis, depending on its nature and scope, by a factor of 80 to 100.”

Markus Steinkamp, Head of Business Intelligence


Benefits for Wooga

Individual analysts and developer groups evaluate billions of records daily, and can analyze several months of data at once

Accelerated analysis by a factor of 80 to 100

Game design incorporates data analysis at the prototyping and development phase, well before going to market 

Consistent, time-critical evaluation of user data

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