A single data hub for 20x speed

The Gist

The challenge

Eventim’s existing database was struggling to process queries. Its software stack wasn’t suited to analytical reporting, and international acquisitions led to a fragmented web of data. They needed to consolidate data from over 20 countries, and empower internal teams and partners to optimize a new recommendation engine for ticket sale growth.

The solution

Exasol system integrated directly into Hadoop, the store for Eventim’s data lake.

“We process thousands of transactions per minute and demand the best in database reliability. The Exasol database processes complex requests seamlessly and is the backbone of our business analytics and decision making.”

Dale Ballentine, Director, Development


The benefits for Eventim

Hundreds of thousands in additional ticket sales via recommendation analytics engine

20-100x speed — ETL process takes just minutes to load

Consolidated hub with data from over 20 countries

Partner sales dashboards for real-time pricing and promotional adjustments

Illicit ticketing transaction detection

Better reporting with a supercharged Microstrategy

Lower overhead: Analytical services supported by three people

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