Eventim and Exasol

Exasol puts data at the core of Europe’s leading ticketing provider

Organizations have woken up to the realization that they need to become data-driven. Simultaneously, IT is under pressure to create a single consolidated view of all the available data. Eventim sells hundreds of millions of tickets through multiple online platforms. The question it asked itself was how best to consolidate and leverage this data?


Eventim needed a data hub to consolidate its data and a system that scaled as the business grew, with an open framework to support innovation


Exasol’s fully redundant system integrated directly into Loading...Hadoop, the store for Eventim’s data lake and provided scalability and a lack of administrative overhead


Using Exasol, an innovative CRM system was created, combined with a recommendation engine that supported the sale of several hundred thousand additional tickets

When tickets sell out in minutes, our partners want access to the sales data in sophisticated analytical dashboards based on data from multiple systems. At the moment, we do it in a few hours for all data from all countries every day, which is pretty good, but with Exasol we can be even faster.

Dr. Ulrich Fricke Head of Information Management & Technology
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customers worldwide

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tickets sold

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faster for some processes to run


countries where Exasol integrates data from


Eventim has grown to become Europe’s leading ticketing provider but its existing database was struggling to process queries. The software stack was not suited to analytical reporting. International acquisitions had brought an increasingly complex, and fragmented web of data.

  • Industry E-commerce
  • Application BI Acceleration
  • Database Exasol
  • BI Tool Microstrategy
Case study background details

The journey

You can use our analytics database with our private cloud, any public cloud, on premises – or as part of a hybrid deployment.

The challenge

To stay ahead of the curve, Eventim needed to put data at its core by rationalizing and consolidating its systems. By tapping into its rich data resources, it knew it could deliver a better experience for customers and partners alike. It needed to make data-driven decisions and it realized that investment was required to realize the vision. Investment was not an IT requirement, but a business decision – because investing could deliver continued growth.

Some time ago, a new department “Information Science” was created. Here, Dr. Ulrich Fricke is responsible for Business Intelligence and all aspects of data management, making him a primary benefactor of the Exasol database. The whole department “Information Science” provides data driven services for the company and its partners by supporting them in three areas:

1. Analytical CRM: In collaboration with other departments a new CRM system has been implemented. The department helps to look after the eCommerce CRM system, creating the best customer experience with functionality such as a recommendation engine and streamlining the customer journey.

2. Business Process Management: Internal business intelligence reporting for better business decisions.

3. Partner support and retention: Providing the best experience for partners through analytical services, data-driven advertising and planning support.

It was also very important that the information services team was not just a cost-center for business reporting, but a revenue generator that could bring additional business to Eventim through its recommendation engine.

At the core of all these things lies data. Data that can be used to significantly improve the outcomes for partners, customers and business decision makers.

The solution

Searching for the best

To become data-driven, Eventim realized its first challenge was to find a data hub on which to consolidate its data. It needed a product that would be a partner for the future, a system that scaled as the business grew, with an open framework that supported innovation.

The Eventim team began its search for the new stack by making two assumptions:

1. Loading...Relational databases are here to stay;
2. Loading...Big data tools complement classical tools.

At the core of their search were several principles:

1. Focus on services rather than tools
2. Prefer to buy over build
3. Reinforce success
4. Fast prototyping
5. Use external help if needed

It was with these considerations in mind, as well as considering past positive experience of candidate databases, that the team began, and a number of databases were evaluated.

Enter Exasol – Performance and elegance in simplicity

A number of team-members had used Exasol at previous companies, including Dr. Fricke who had used it to great success at Xing. The performance gains exceeded the company’s expectations, with some processes running 20-100 times faster compared to the old system.

Exasol’s ETL process was also much quicker than the previous solution – it now only takes minutes to load significant quantities of data into the data warehouse. Exasol was also able to integrate data from over 20 countries, storing it in one single consolidated view.

Scalability and lack of administrative overhead beat the competition hands down, it integrated directly into Loading...Hadoop, the store for Eventim’s data lake. Exasol is a fully redundant system, so Eventim knows if one database node goes down it can immediately fail over and minimize downtime on the reporting portals. Dr. Fricke says: “From day one Exasol showed unrelenting commitment to the success of Eventim. Being part of Exasol’s community is an experience like no other.”

The benefits for Eventim

An innovative technology stack that delivers profit

  • Data at the core of the business
  • A single consolidated data hub
  • Return on investment – several hundred thousand additional ticket sales
  • Innovation for the customer: Using Exasol, the department created an innovative CRM system, combined with a recommendation engine. This not only improved the customer experience, but last year supported the sale of several hundred thousand additional tickets through recommendations. Exasol has paid for itself multiple times over.

    Dr. Fricke says: “Exasol has helped us deliver revenue rather than just being a cost centre. This has allowed the board to really see the value we bring, creating a great relationship with the department and the rest of the business.”

    Innovation for the partners: For Eventim’s partners, Exasol has enabled the team to develop the Eventim.analytics web portal. That allows promotors to run analytics such as like-for-like sales. Based on the analytics, they can make adjustments to pricing or start additional promotion activity online and offline. This has driven enormous value for partners, strengthening the relationship.

    Reducing illicit transactions: Eventim has also been able to reduce illicit ticketing transactions. It can detect when someone buys multiple tickets through different accounts in an attempt to circumvent ticket reservation limits.

    Better reporting: By supercharging Microstrategy with a fast analytic engine, Eventim has been able to support the business with improved processes across the board.

    Minimal overhead: All analytical services at Eventim are now supported by only three people on the operations team – and these team members generally only spend an hour or two each week on basic admin tasks such as user account administration. Exasol does a great job of running itself.

    “Eventim UK rely on fast processing and instant, reliable access to data in order to service clients and customers. As a business, we process thousands of transactions per minute and we demand the best in database reliability. The Exasol database processes complex requests seamlessly and is the backbone of our business analytics and decision making.” Dale Ballentine, Director, Development, Eventim UK

    The future

    Dr. Fricke says: “In the future, we’re planning on implementing more real-time systems. By leveraging the power of Exasol we will be able to offer real-time information to promoters for particular events such as popular music festivals and one-off tours by international artists.”

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