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Using analytics at the granular level to improve the online shopping experience and create long-term customers.

econda is one of the leading providers of Loading...web analytics and personalization solutions in Europe. Based on the company’s data-driven e-commerce and content suites, econda offers a complete solution for data-driven and customer-focused e-commerce and digital relationship management. The solution is powered by the database from Exasol.


Previous system would not allow real-time analysis of raw data


Loading...Loading...In-memory database used by econda as a central data store and analytical tool


Analytic workloads run up to 100 times faster than before

Our decision in 2011 to use Exasol was absolutely the right thing to do. By integrating Exasol, we allow our customers to benefit continually from new insights by running exploratory data analytics.

Ralf Saier / Senior Software Developer and Dr. Philipp Sorg / Data Mining Manager at econda
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When it comes to managing websites long-term and improving their effectiveness, Loading...web analytics are an absolute must for any modern business. Using web analytic tools, you can capture, evaluate and calculate visitor behavior and set important KPIs accordingly. These performance indicators help to define relevant measures and actions that a website owner can carry out in order to fuel website visitor growth and meet other objectives.

Founded in 2004, econda’s data driven e-commerce suite ranges from shop monitoring, with its unique role as an e-commerce data center, to a tool for automatic purchase recommendations. All of econda’s products come with high-end tracking features, offer a wide range of functions, can be used intuitively and activated very easily. By means of a custom-designed dashboard, econda customers can run lightning-fast analyses so that they can adjust their online offers every minute in order to respond to existing and potential customers with even greater precision.

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Case study background details

The journey

You can use our analytics database with our private cloud, any public cloud, on premises – or as part of a hybrid deployment.

The challenge

The company currently processes more than 13 terabytes of raw data each month for over 1000 e-commerce companies in its customer portfolio, and the amount of data is increasing. econda’s analytic speed and flexibility offering relies heavily on the supporting database. The previous system that had been implemented in 2007 could not meet their requirements because it would not allow real-time analysis of raw data.

The solution

Exasol is a central data store that offers maximum flexibility

Asked what the decision criteria for Exasol was at the time, Ralf Saier explains: “Fast raw data analysis with complete flexibility was extremely important to us. We were very impressed with the system’s scalability offering, the low administrative effort and the extensive support available to us.” The database from Exasol is used by econda as a central data store and analytical tool; all products are ultimately based on Exasol.

High-end tracking technology for real-time data analysis

Ralf Saier, senior software developer at econda, takes up the story: “Our decision in 2011 to use Exasol was absolutely the right thing to do. By integrating Exasol, we allow our customers to benefit continually from new insights by running exploratory data analytics.”

The benefits for econda

Innovative product developments provide new analytical insights

With the integration of Exasol, econda can expand its position further as the high-end Loading...web analytics specialist for e-commerce in Europe and continue to establish its products in the market. In 2014 the Karlsruhe-based company developed an additional product based on Exasol called Centricity which makes it possible to see data from a completely new angle.

Dr. Philipp Sorg, data mining manager at econda, explains: “Special cohort analyses compile users into groups and customer journey analyses give even more information on how customers navigate around the website. Therefore, the analyses are more in-depth and are more useful to the business. „With traditional Loading...web analytics, you get an answer to the question: “Which products are viewed frequently?” User-centric analytics goes a step further and counts the interactions per user, for example: “Which products were of interest (shoes, pants, jackets)?”

By condensing the information subsequently into specific behavioral patterns, segments can be formed and customers better researched. An online store merchant, for example, can compare the long-term effect of his marketing campaigns. He might determine that visitors who participated in the last prize competition had a return rate three times higher and sales revenue was twice as high as the rest of the visitors to the online store. Such visitors can prove to be particularly loyal and valuable. Moreover, visitors who were acquired through social media efforts might be significantly more active than those from other channels. Based on these findings, the operator of the online store could increase investment in competitions and social media, and therefore strengthen long-term customer loyalty.

Dr. Philipp Sorg explains: “These complex analytic jobs need to run in less than a minute. Using the database from Exasol, we can now make our analytic workloads run up to 100 times faster than before. “It goes without saying how performance levels have increased dramatically when compared with the previous system. It is comforting to know that Exasol will grow with us and our customers, thanks to its scalability. We have the right tool that will help us cope with an increase in analytical workloads and help us expand our product line,” ends Sorg.

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