Blue Yonder and Exasol

Case Study

Blue Yonder’s predictive software is a world leader in digital supply chain technology and omni-channel commerce fulfillment. The Arizona-based company supports more than 4,000 customers in retail, transportation, manufacturing, and distribution to better predict and adjust to consumer demands on a daily basis — reducing out-of-stock risks and optimizing logistics.

The Facts

Arizona, USA

The Gist

The challenge

Blue Yonder needed a scalable database to provide faster and up to 40% more accurate predictive forecasts for its customers. Data from CRM, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, merchandise management, and weather forecasts are included in the analyses.

The solution

Exasol enables Blue Yonder’s forecasting software to make quick adjustments to growing amounts of data, and lower administrative costs with compression algorithms and self-tuning.

“On an hourly basis, huge amounts of data flows into our customers’ databases. ...a database with high scalability is imperative.”

Jan Carstens, CTO


The benefits for Blue Yonder

Scalability - more than 1 billion sales forecasts on a daily basis

Demand forecasts exact to the hour or minute replaced empirical figures and hunches

Retail customers can determine precise daily order amounts, reducing out-of-stock risks or costly residual stock taking up space

Online retailers can adjust prices and react to demand in real-time

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