Introducing Exasol 6.1

It’s time to discover enhanced performance, scalability and enterprise readiness.

We know how important data is to you. That’s why we’ve listened to your feedback and made improvements, so you can keep using our powerful and superfast data warehouse to help push the limits of data analytics in your enterprise.

With Exasol 6.1, we’ve made sure our database works efficiently across larger organisations with multiple departments. That doesn’t just mean improvements to performance and scalability – it’s been designed to make it easier for you to have the most efficient resource management in your organisation.

Key Features of Exasol 6.1

Fully automated partitioning

Set up fully automated, partitioned tables in our database to manage larger quantities of data even more efficiently.

Advanced resource allocation

The productivity and efficiency of our database can be enhanced through targeted resource management.


We’ve made our database even more secure by adding in the latest, powerful security functions.

Take a deeper look into Exasol 6.1

Download our free white paper for a more in-depth look at why we’ve made these updates – and see how they enable your enterprise to get even more value from data analytics.

Learn to install our Community Edition

The easiest way to try out the Exasol database is to use the Exasol Community Edition. Take a look at our tutorial for the a step-by-step guide on how to get started. It only takes one minute!

On-Premises or Cloud?

Are you looking to run your analytics in the cloud? Exasol enables you to work freely, whether you want to migrate your database into the cloud for the first time, or if you want to enhance your performance in your already-set cloud environment. 

Got a question?

If you’ve got any questions about the updates or just want to pick our brains about data analytics, or how to use our database with your data strategy, we’ll be happy to help.