Have your own hardware? No problem. Download and install Exasol and start analyzing today.

  • Exasol runs on any standard x86 architecture
  • Install it in your existing infrastructure. Supports virtualized environments (including VMware, VirtualBox and KVM).
  • Get started with high-performance analytics in a few hours
  • Exasol can complement other existing database usage
  • Just download, install and get started. Simple!

Want Exasol and hardware as one package? Choose the appliance offering, plug it in and off you go.

  • Ideal for those who want a ready-to-run solution
  • Upgrade the appliance s your requirements grow

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Want us to host your database? No problem. ExaCloud is the managed service you need.

  • Hosted and managed by Exasol, ExaCloud is a full database-as-a-service offering
  • ExaCloud brings together Exasol’s fast, in-memory analytic database and our expertise in data analytics
  • The service covers database installation, operation, administration, upgrades, 24/7 monitoring and incident management
  • Backed up by world-class data experts who are passionate about analytics and your success
  • Available through a transparent and volume-priced pricing model

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Amazon Web Services

Run Exasol on AWS and benefit from the flexibility, scalability and elasticity of Amazon Web Services

  • Run complex analytic projects at a price that suits your budget
  • Spend more time on valuable BI, analytics and reporting as opposed to installing and maintaining an analytic database
  • Leverage the flexibility, scalability and elasticity of AWS
  • Build and deploy analytic applications through a global network of AWS-managed data centers
  • Benefit from Amazon Web Services and its world-class cloud
  • Download the Free White Paper: Amazon Redshift and Exasol – Choosing the Best AWS Data Warehouse

Run Exasol on Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Access Exasol via the Azure Marketplace and get started in minutes via Azure Virtual Machines.

  • Get started with Exasol today and only pay for the analytics you run
  • Access a production-ready, highly secure and scalable way to analyze data at breakneck speeds
  • Leverage the flexibility of Azure, with support for local storage and durable, highly available Azure Storage
  • Build and deploy analytic applications through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers
  • Benefit from Microsoft’s world-class cloud

Run Exasol on Microsoft Azure