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Having your cake and EATing it

31 Oct 2016 | Share

Normally the English idiomatic proverb is meant to symbolize the complete opposite: when you say that someone cannot have their cake and eat it, you tend to mean that you cannot have it both ways; you cannot have two things that oppose one another at the same time.

Well, here at EXASOL, we don’t like to conform to the norm, and it’s no different when it comes to the odd saying. But there’s more to it than that.

You see, at EXASOL we have always prided ourselves on not only developing a high performance, flexible in-memory analytic database, but also offering it as part of a great solution stack that supports our mantra of using the “right tool for the right job” and that helps organizations tackle their big data challenges simply but head-on. That’s why we are excited to promote the concept of EATing your cake too. More specifically, the idea that paired with a leading data blendingand a world-class data visualization tool, now you can have your EXASOL cake as well as savor its delights.

Of course, EAT is an acronym and stands quite simply for EXASOL, Alteryx and Tableau. Paired with one another, EXASOL, Alteryx and Tableau solutions talk to each other seamlessly, creating a powerful package for processing, blending, augmenting and visualizing even bigger volumes of data than you can imagine. Who wouldn’t want that cake?

And what’s even better is that we are on the road at various events in November to tell you more about this compelling stack of EAT. Whether you are

our teams will be on hand to help you understand more about this great solution stack that is designed to help you do more with and get more from your data than ever before.

It’s always nice to eat a slice of cake. And now you can truly have your slice of EAT too.

For more information on the EAT proposition, download the flyer. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you either in Austin, London or Nuremberg!