Javelin Group and Exasol – The partnership for the best strategic analytics platform

Javelin Group’s deep analytics experience across all retail and consumer functions, partnered with Exasol’s high performance in-memory analytics database, provides a compelling offering for clients. It helps you adopt the latest data analytics strategy to:

Significantly reduce TCO

Unlock analytics as fast as you think

Match this with the freedom to adapt and change, with no platform, vendor or architecture lock-in

Javelin Group, part of Accenture Strategy, has helped 100+ retail clients with their analytics projects, software implementations and relevant training to empower self-service analytics

KEy benefits of the partnership

Javelin Group provides an independent view on market leading analytics software tools. The team carefully selects best of breed tools that complement each other and provide a robust lasting platform for clients. This is what makes Exasol, Alteryx, Tableau and DataRobot Javelin Group’s recommended solution.

As businesses grow and become more data-centric they often hit bottlenecks within the BI infrastructure which are time consuming and expensive. With Exasol’s open framework Javelin Group can implement a solution that increases a company’s ROI without ripping and replacing existing systems.

Today’s omni-channel retailers generate large volumes of data about their customers and internal operations, yet slow performing back-end technology and other barriers prohibit any real results. The Javelin Group team leverages Exasol’s world record performing database to ensure its clients are able to make the most effective use of the insights that data can generate.

Javelin Group’s clients can easily load and query data with Exasol whether it’s in the cloud or on-premise. The self-tuning and self-optimising database enables organisations to get hands-on with their data quickly, without the need to have large teams containing specialist database resources. This means an end to the mundane house-keeping and administrative tasks and the chance to truly focus on delivering business value.

"The partnership with Exasol gives us the ability to offer our clients something different with respect to data storage. Analytics should be the lifeblood of businesses, so for us to be able deploy Exasol as an analytics database providing quick and easy access to data in a secure governed way is really valuable. It’s important that clients are aware they no longer need to be restrained by traditional, often complex and expensive databases. They need to understand that the new modern breed of tools give organisations an enhanced element of competitive agility, giving them the best chance to transform themselves into intelligence led businesses."

Carl Bradbrook principal director, Javelin Group


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