Data Warehouse Modernization

Remove silos, reduce costs – and do more with your data

Don’t let your data-driven plans be held back by your analytics stack

Does your data landscape restrict how much you can do with your data? Is it becoming too expensive? Are you looking to operationalize data science or move your data warehouse to the cloud?

Whether you’re looking to get more value from your existing data systems, upgrade your legacy environment or want to completely modernize your data landscape, we’ll give you the head space you need for your data strategy, by super-charging your analytics and making your infrastructure scalable and resilient.

Two choices. Add us as an analytics layer or as your complete data warehouse

The analytics layer

If a rip and replace migration isn’t possible, you can simply implement our analytics database as an add-on layer to supercharge your data systems. This means you can continue to use your existing systems for day-to-day business and run your analytics through our high-speed database.

The complete data warehouse – now or over time

The more processes you migrate over time, the more value you’ll get from your data, until we become the data warehouse at the heart of your business, enabling true data democratization. Alternatively, you can use us straight away as a direct replacement for your existing data warehouse.

Our intelligent, in-memory database has been designed and built from the ground up to give you unrivalled performance for your data analytics – enabling you to flex and adapt your infrastructure as your data strategy requires.

Start your Journey

Choose your deployment model

You can deploy our analytics database anywhere, whether that’s on cloud, on-premises or with a hybrid approach.

5 key ways our analytics database will future-proof your data landscape

  • Low TCO

    Reduce your infrastructure costs and stay in control with our fair licensing model

  • Unrivalled performance

    Do more with your data by unlocking analytics as fast as you think anywhere you have data, no matter how your data volumes grow

  • Unifying AI and BI

    Consolidate AI, ML and BI for both standard and advanced analytics, directly in the database – using any data science language

  • Complete freedom to adapt and change

    Our database connects with any tools in your data stack and can be deployed on your cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments

  • Migration made simple

    Move existing workloads 1:1 and further improve current implementations or redevelop existing projects when you’re ready.

Peek under the hood

From day one we’ve put our collective passion and energy into designing a single product which works as well today as it always has. The pure design of our analytics database gives you the power to transform how you work with data, on cloud, on-premises or as part of a hybrid deployment – and turn it into value faster, easier and more cost effectively than ever before.

Get an overview of our database’s architecture – and see how it will transform how your organization works with data.

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When OTTO wanted us to function not only as an access layer but also as a data warehouse, we delivered.

Exasol's analytics database proved impressive. Primarily due to an excellent price-performance ratio: low costs coupled with exceptional performance ad integration with Hadoop.

Andreas Bonet Product owner at OTTO