Uno-X Accelerates Query Speed 120x with Exasol Espresso

Case Study

Collaborating with Nordic-based BI and Analytics consultancy Tallmaker, sustainable mobility retailer Uno-X chose Exasol Espresso and Qlik Replicate to replicate their source systems within Exasol. Exasol Espresso was used as a data acceleration layer for Qlik Sense’s analytic models and dashboards.

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The Facts

Norway / Denmark
On Premises

The Gist

The challenge

Uno-X faced substantial challenges as the sheer volume of its transactional data continued to grow rapidly and strain its data and analytics architecture.

The solution

By rerouting the Qlik Sense data extraction pipelines to retrieve data from Exasol Espresso, Uno-X managed to alleviate the strain on their company’s source systems.

“Previously, our BI team struggled with sluggish response times, with queries taking over 20 minutes as they competed with ERP system resources. After introducing Exasol Espresso as our acceleration layer, query response times have been slashed to less than 10 seconds.”

Rene Francis Lares, Information Technology System Manager at Uno-X


Benefits for Uno-X

Uno-X gained access to vital real-time pricing data, enabling competitive fuel pricing as a low-cost fuel provider.

The improved performance of Qlik Sense, powered by Exasol Espresso, resulted in increased user adoption.

The revamped data and analytics environment enabled Uno-X's BI architect to design solutions in Qlik Sense more efficiently.

Both Exasol Espresso and Qlik Replicate need minimal maintenance.

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