Cost-Savings, Agility, and Future-Proofing: Helsana's Data Transformation Journey with Exasol

Case Study

Helsana, a leader in Switzerland’s healthcare industry, embarked on a data transformation journey to modernize their fragmented data infrastructure. By adopting Exasol’s high-performance Data Warehouse solution, Helsana achieved significant cost savings, increased agility, and laid the foundation for AI-powered analytics, revolutionizing their operations and healthcare service delivery.

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The Facts

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The Gist

The Challenge

Helsana’s outdated data infrastructure posed significant obstacles to agility and competitiveness in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Disparate business units relied on various reporting tools and fragmented data warehouses, leading to inefficiencies and complexity.

The Solution

Helsana decided to consolidate its fragmented data and analytics infrastructure onto a single platform, underpinned by consistent standards, centralized governance, and metadata-driven automation. The adoption of Exasol’s Data Warehouse, alongside WhereScape for ETL and MicroStrategy for self-service reporting, streamlined operations and unleashed newfound agility.

"The remarkable performance of Exasol is evident not only to users but also to our development team. Now, our team operates with increased efficiency, experiencing shorter development times, improved stability, and reduced maintenance costs—a sustainable advantage over our previous environment."

Gallus Messmer, MBA, Team Leader DWH/BI Backend, Helsana


Benefits for Helsana

Performance Boost

Exasol delivered 5-10x faster performance compared to the previous platform, significantly reducing query and dashboard loading times. Users reported real-time responses and eliminated waiting times

Reduced Costs

The transformation reduced Helsana’s license and maintenance fees by 65% in its first year. Additionally, the migration to Exasol was completed within a year, significantly reducing operational costs and resource utilization compared to previous implementations.

AI-Powered Analytics Foundation

Exasol Data Warehouse serves as the central repository and high-performance engine for Helsana's AI use cases, empowering them to conduct deeper exploratory analysis and paving the way for AI-driven data visualization and reporting.

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