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The only analytics database to provide increased productivity, cost-savings and flexibility.

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Three ways Exasol helps global brands innovate, grow and win

Data can transform the world — but only if it’s fast, flexible and economical:
compromise any one of these three, and its promise goes unfulfilled.


Get critical insights sooner with up to 20x faster data processing


Manage data the way you want – cloud, SaaS, on-premises or hybrid


Eliminate cost shock and achieve ROI of 300% +

More productivity

Run more queries. Gain more insights. Get a competitive edge.

Get insights up to 20x faster* than with other analytics databases, thanks to an in-memory, columnar database and MPP architecture.

Leverage Exasol’s built-in ML capabilities in production and at scale, without endless hours of data scrubbing and second guessing.

* McKnight Consulting Group - Cloud Analytics Database Performance Testing Product evaluation
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“Since its adoption in 2018, Exasol has been instrumental in ensuring 10x growth of Revolut's customer base and headcount worldwide by powering informed decision-making, transforming Revolut into a genuinely data-driven company.”

- Mikhail Kirichenko, Head of Data platform
“We needed a solution that seamlessly connects to our hybrid ecosystem without much development effort. Exasol is the perfect fit.”

- Head of BI and analytics for a financial services institution

More flexibility

Manage data the way you want

Analyse data wherever it lives – in the cloud, SaaS, on-premises or hybrid, managed by your team or Exasol experts.

Use Exasol as your high-performance data warehouse, or accelerate your existing infrastructure without rip-and-replace disruption.
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More cost-savings

Say goodbye to cost shock

Achieve over 300% ROI through reduced licensing, implementation, maintenance and training costs

Experience an unmatched price-performance ratio, with up to 80% improved performance resulting in savings of up to seven figures
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“The administration required on the SQL stack was much higher prior to implementing Exasol, and their overall administration effort reduced by as much as 70 to 80% after implementing Exasol.”

- IM&T BI manager for a healthcare firm noted

Exasol in the ecosystem

Bumble added Exasol as an acceleration layer

The social network uses Exasol to manage 100M+ user AB test intersections in seconds.

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Otto swapped its legacy data warehouse for Exasol

The e-commerce retailer replaced its data warehouse at half the cost

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Piedmont Healthcare puts Exasol at the center of all of its analytics needs

A single data repository and speed engine to accelerate critical analytics, delivering improved patient outcome and bottom line.

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Exasol Optimization Levels

Three ways Exasol delivers value

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